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    Been trying to think how to get the best out of a stacked midfield.

    I have trained Pastore to work at CM but i don't think he will ever be as good as if he was at AMC Im playing on one of those super league database's.
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    Eden Hazard as AMR (Barca)

    Im using the Barca tactic in my Barca save and im wondering if Eden Hazard is up to the par to be a replacement for an aging Messi as a AMR. Unfortunately there haven't been any good AMR regens (plently of playmaking MC's though D:) So i have him fully trained for the AMR role just wondering if...
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    Paying off debt early?

    Is there a way to pay off the debt early in FM? Im in my 5th season as Barcalona And have over 200million in transfer budget and a debt of 200million (1.05billion estimated club value) So is it possible to pay debt off early?
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    LB needed desperately.

    I'm Benfica in a World League Database second season. have well over 100million too spend but no world class players are interested in coming for my team (finished 8th) I stupidly sold Coentrao for 35million D: Now im left with only Cissokho and no sub's or anything need someone who can play...
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    Good team attrocious results. help

    Okay i have been playing in one of the superleague databases as Benfica in top division. Here's my team GK Hugo Lloris Roberto DL Cissokho Coentrao DC Shawcross Ranocchia David Luiz Sidnei DR Aurier Maxi Pereira ML Lucas Dentinho Neymar MC Andrea Poli Paulo Henrique MR Renato Augusto...
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    Making a competition

    Okay i had a pretty cool idea for a competition but i have very little database editing experience. Are there any links to guides or tutorials that can help me in setting up a competition similar to a World Super League.
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    Lack of players trained in country

    Seems i have a lack of player's trained in my country in my team >_> How will this affect me will i have to not have the full 50 players in my squad (like in the champions league.) Annoying how alot of the players in Portugal at the start arn't as good as they should be.
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    Database edit's not showing

    So i downloaded an edited database. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=3751 Put it in my db folder in my documents. But it's not showing up ingame >_> Is it because i am using the latest patch do i need to download 11.1?
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    2012 Ballwinning Midfielder

    I am Benfica in the 2012-2013 season I need someone who can be the rock in midfield and win everything (Much like Katsouranis and De Rossi in previous FM's) Have about 10-15million spare but i don't mind higher if i have to play over about 30-40months Sissoko is not available even though he...
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    Can't win in Champions League

    I have a team of potential world beaters (if they arn't there already >_>) And no matter what i can't win against Champions League teams when im playing. Example last 2 seasons i have been destroyed by Arsenal in semi's and groups Last season i holiday'ed the first leg against Toulouse won...
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    Help with player role's in my tactic

    Start of 3rd season as Benfica and i have a feeling i have what it takes for at least the Champion's League final this season. Here is my current team and the tactic im working on. I Have it was GK DL:FullBack (DEF) DC:Limited Defender (DEF) DC:Limited Defender (DEF) DR:FullBack (DEF)...
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    Need a tactic for my current team

    Team:Benfica Season:2011-2012 Formation: 442 or 451 Players GK: Rodrigo (1st) Julio Ceaser (Benfica one) Ochoa (INJ couple months) DL: Coentrao Dodo David Luiz DC: Sidnei S.Toro (amazing at scoring 15 1st season) R.Miranda David Luiz DR: Serge Aurier Maxi Pereira S.Toro (just in case) MC...
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    Partner for Lukaku

    I need someone that will work well with Lukaku up front. Team:Benfica Budget: Around 14million Time:Start of second season Position:Goal Complete Forward i guess Atm i checking out Dzeko but i doubt i will get him >_> Neymar is 24million and Coutinho (who i had on loan last season is 15million...
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    Benfica 1st season who to buy?

    Okay i am benfica in the first season i have 21million spare (sold alot of players) Already bought Lukaku Witsel Lucas (Sao Paulo) Pedro (Sampdoria) Important players sold Saviola Luisao Martins (Loan) I wanted Neymar but they want 28million for him D: Any ideas who i should get? Im...
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    I feel like im missing something for my Man City team. D:

    Sorry about long title Here's the info 1st season I am managing Man City, first in Premi by about 10 points (constantly destroy top flight teams like Man U and Arsenal) The Team GK: Hart, Gonzalaz and Given (tranfer) Defence: Kolarov (Transfer) , Boatang, Coentrao, Richards, K.Toure...