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Recent content by jamesybhoy

  1. J

    whats goin on with my team ?

    in my last 3 games my sats read 63 shots just 17 on target & 1 goal against me iv had 14 shots 3 on target & 3 goals dont get me wrong im pleased with the defence side but why am i getting so many shots at goal & even worse so little on target or in the back of the net iv been scoring & winning...
  2. J

    my 4-4-2 tactic

    http://www.sendspace.com/file/1fm6u3its not a wonder tactic but works well enough used it with celtic everton & barcelona got more updated stats will post them later when i get the chance try it out let me knw what u think team details & how i got it to work best is included in the download :D...
  3. J

    my 1st tactic

    called the celtic way & made on the demo for 2011 i have played 7 games & 4 friendly games scoring 22 goals & conciding 7 its a 4-4-2 or a 4-2-2-2 depends on how u veiw it basically its 4 defender 2 central midfielders deep 2 wingers high up & 2 attackers pitch size i keept it as was & iv...
  4. J

    fm 2011 crashes

    keeps giving me a message with mad numbers not sure what they all are & closes the game i cant get passed a few games in to the season i think 3 league games & 4 euro qaulifiers any had the same problem & can any 1 tell me how to fix it ?
  5. J

    wonder tactic for the demo

    ha made u look just wondering if any 1 is working on tactics with the demo my attempts work for a game or two then just totally fail.
  6. J

    is there a glitch in fm2010 ?

    played my second season with everton & during it my team went on a very poor run having been unbeaten this cost me my fight for the league having won the league & a gd run in europe the season before & been on a great run to start i couldnt figure out the problem untill well into the poor run a...