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Recent content by Jean-Luc

  1. J

    TV Deal in latest patch

    What season does the new tv deal take effect? and how much more money do you get?
  2. J


    Are corners broken? It seems that I concede a corner every game almost. I've used the set piece creator to no avail.
  3. J

    Local council blocks planning permission?

    My board keeps automatically trying to build a stadium at the end of every season without me even requesting but I always get the message "local council blocks planning permission" I've heard this stops after a few seasons but It's been about 10 seasons now and I'm still getting that message...
  4. J

    FIFA 14 FM-Base Pro Club Team | PS3

    Would anyone like to make a Pro Club team together on PS3? I've played clubs since FIFA 10 my main position is striker but I can play all over the park. I'm also a pretty good ANY Add me on PSN: nufcfan11
  5. J

    AI score more chances?

    Why is it the AI almost always takes their CCC? It's extremely rare I'll have 1 CCC and score it. Yet it happens 8/10 matches for the AI This is a match I played against the CPU (I'm Portsmouth). I very very rarely have a match like west brom had, literally like once a season if that. Yet it...
  6. J

    Best tactic for current version?

    Whats the best tactic to use? Literally every tactic I have been using for months has just gone terrible.
  7. J

    Your highest unbeaten streak?

    Currently 84 games unbeaten in all competitions :D 63 games unbeaten in the league 21 games won in a row in the league 36 won in a row in all competitions :D :D:D:D
  8. J

    Why didn't England choose me?

    The England Manager got sacked so immediately after I applied for the job only to be beaten by this tool Kevin Fox who has done pretty much nothing in his career. This is his achievements This is my Manager Overview (Massive FM Nerd) I just don't understand why England didn't give me...
  9. J

    Are you loyal to your players?

    I'd like to think I am loyal to my players, especially my older ones. James Ward Prowse is 35 in my save and I am still playing him ahead of seemingly better players because he performs week in week out.
  10. J

    Insane Player career

    What a career this player has had for me! Came through my youth academy. He started out as a CM but I saw his true potential and retrained him to play AML. He still has a few more years in him since he is only 31!!
  11. J

    Finally it has happened!

    I've never actually seen it happen before! This is the first time I've seen financial fair play come into effect
  12. J

    Anyone want a Spurs tycoon save?

    Spurs got taken over by a Tycoon in my Chelsea save and they are now loaded. They have spent nearly 100m on players in the first transfer window with their new owner. The owner also said he will stop at nothing to assure spurs become a top side. Current date - August 2019 Google Drive link...
  13. J

    Best downloadable 4-2-3-1 tactic

    I'm currently using Jassars tactic but it's gone downhill recently :( I'm using chelsea so 4-2-3-1 fits their squad well.
  14. J

    67 Games 1 Loss 7 trophies

    Just wow. My best ever season in FM History. Gutted i lost that 1 game. Admittedly the tactic I use does use the corner exploit where you pass it short, but even without that it is still a solid, solid tactic. What makes this season more impressive is I go for the approach of trying to make...
  15. J

    Good bit of business

    Not too bad :) Managed to adequatly replace quality players for under ?4m