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    KILLERBEE 4-3-3

    Theirs no rules - which side you put the best striker in any tactic - its more a matter of trying to have strikers where their weakest foot is weak as a minimum - and get rid of the very weak footed players - Attributes will always be king - but with a striker who has a very weak foot he will be...
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    KILLERBEE 4-3-3

    No worries - I would be surprised if you could find a tactic much better than this one - which makes me doubt tactic testing of this kind even more. I once was a part of tactic testing back in the day and thats where I got it all confirmed - bad reviews equals people ignoring the tactics that...
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    KILLERBEE 4-3-3

    I'm around Crick - Just haven't been motivated lately by much in life - but I guess writing today with passion is a good step towards more meaning :)
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    KILLERBEE 4-3-3

    translations Wow an exciting feedback! I'm like you, I've been using this tactic from the start, it's totally underrated! I won everything with her, even with average teams. We can do it all!
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    KILLERBEE 4-3-3

    I agree with »Under rated« - In my long term save with Zaragoza (now 2031) I've seen many amazing things like : Invincible seasons - Almost perfect seasons - Strikers scoring consistantely on average at 50+ (best 69gls) - High number of assists sometimes above 40+ from the corner taker and high...
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    KILLERBEE 4-3-3

    Seriously - would you mind reading the thread - investigate mate - no point in asking questions like that if you haven't read what people post before your eyes - theirs a Norwich example you could take a look at ... I will say always have a sceptical mind - lots of people make their threads...
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    Jesaustralia - FM13 Tactics Found!

    Hi guys I have lately had people writing me about fm13 - I wasn't aware that people still played that game - I deleted the fm13 main threads by me some time ago in anger over something I don't remember - but I was definitely angry cause I deleted the tactics as well from mediafire - so to...
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    Jesaustralia - 2512 - Weartibus

    Mediafire Links: Jesaustralia - Download 2512 Targetmen Jesaustralia - Download 2512 Poacher Jesaustralia - 2512 - Weartibus Formation: Players: BPD's-S Tall powerful defenders CWB's-A (Wingers Retrained) HB - Simular to a powerful defender DLP-S (Passer) Killerball - Long passes -...
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    Jesaustralia Tactics 2018

    Download Oldschool 3412 Download Fist Pump 4123 Download Gooaall 18.2 - 352 Download Sublimity 18.2 - 433 Narrow Download Sublimity 18.2 - Happy Birthday Jesus - 433 Narrow Download FM Easy Guide Here Your Results & Achievements - Post 2 OPENING POST Don't dwell on the past...
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    Jesaustralia's favourite fm17 tactic (4312 Narrow)

    Jesaustralia's favourite fm17 tactic 4-3-1-2 Download Here Download Almost Reversed version Here Player Shortlist by 0Widowmaker0 First of all I've been aware of this tactic for a while now - its foundation was established by someone who call themselves the_reckonist and gave the tactic...
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    Jesaustralia's Kangaroo 5-2-1-2 - 17.2 Patch

    Follow me on twitch - HERE Kangaroo 5-2-1-2 - Download League Table Your League Tables Not Here yet... End Word Its the Christmas holliday - I wish that all of you will have a great time where ever you are - all nationalities included - eat some...
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    Jesaustralia's FM-Junkie - (14 Formations)

    Follow me on twitch - HERE FM-JUNKIE - DOWNLOAD A man walks in to a bar/twitch and say - I just created Diablo - I turn my head and reply GREAT!! while sitting their pretending how much I really care - I have heard this bullshit a million times before - Its spam in my ears..... A...