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    Retro European Club Jerseys

    Some of you may know, im a particular fan of the Retro Jerseys. However, I find it difficult to initially locate some of the team's kits. Not a problem with english or scottish clubs, but european clubs is another matter... Was just wondering if any of you guys have some website you regulary...
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    Gino Coutinho: Cannibis Cultivator

    Den Haag's goalkeeper has put England's bad boys in the shade after being found guilty of owning a major cannabis farm, forgery and money laundering... ...Gino Coutinho, goalkeeper of the Eredivisie club ADO Den Haag who, along with his girlfriend, was yesterday found guilty in a Dutch...
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    EPL Network Game?

    Hi, fairly new to network games on FM (although I have done them before) and looking to expand my football manager experience. I would be looking to start the game on Friday afternoon about 4o'clock, and I am available most weekdays from 4 onwards and all weekend.. As stated in the title...
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    Similar players to Carlos Tevez?

    This isn't so much a who should I buy thread, but if someone knows of a player who fills the criteria they will defiantly be on my shopping list.. Has anyone found a real player touted as the next Tevez or a player who who shares many attributes with Tevez. Some of you may know Tevez is my...
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    Kevin Vogt - Bochum

    Full Name: Kevin Vogt DoB: 23 -9 -1991 (18) Nationality: German Club: Bochum __________ __________ Position(s): Defensive Midfielder / D/M(C) Recommended Position(s): Defensive Midfielder > Defend OR Deep Lying Play-maker > Support OR Re-Train to Central Defender __________ __________...
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    What do you have playing FM?

    I had an idea the other day, well its more of a kind of set pattern.. When i'm playing Football Manager I always have certain things on ; Sky Sports News iPod on Shuffle FM Base Notepad - for making basic notes about my game, or noting players names from the base to be scouted It's also a...
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    Ingolfur Sigurdsson - sc Heerenveen

    Full Name: Ingólfur Sigurðsson DOB: 12 - 2 - 1993 Nationality: Icelandic ( 4 youth caps / 3 youth goals) Club: sc Heerenveen (under 19s) Position(s): AM(L) / M(L), ST Left Foot/Right Foot: Very Strong / Reasonable Value: £600'000 Estimated Sale Value: £2'200'000 Description: Young Winger...
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    Mateo Kovacic - Dinamo

    I did a search and found nothing, but i blame the broken search if there is threads on him.. Full Name: Mateo Kovacic D.o.B: 6 - 5 - 1994 (16) Nationality: Croatia (1 youth cap / 0 youth goals) Other Nationality: Austria Club: NK Dinamo Position(s): AM(C) / M(C) competent AM(R) Left Foot...
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    Nottm Forrest - Wonderkid Keeper - 2nd Season

    Just won promotion to the premier league, want a keeper who will do me at least 5 years service at a high standard so i won't have to keep replacing him.. Budget is basically unlimited. But remember im only Forest so the best players won't come to me Thanks
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    Andrej Rendla - Heracles

    Full Name: Andrej Rendla D.o.B: 13- 10 -1990 (19) Nationality: Slovakia (1 youth cap/1 youth goal) Club: Heracles (on loan from FC Twente) Positions: ST / AMC Description: Striker Personality: Fairly Professional Repuation: National Left Foot: Reasonable / Right Foot: Very Strong Strength's...
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    Ryan Giggs - SSN Special Report

    Sky Sports News's Special Report this week takes the form of Ryan Giggs.. Being Welsh and a Man Utd fan, Giggs has been one of my favourite players ever..would be interesting to know what you guys think of him? YouTube - Ryan Giggs, A walking football History - by LukeMU8 Personally...
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    Bressan - Gremio - Young CB

    Full Name: Matheus Simonete Bressanelli Common Name: Bressan Date of Birth: 15/01/1993 (17) Club: Gremio Nationality: Brazil (Uncapped) Positions: DC Value: £230,000 Estimated Sale Value: £700,000 Strengths: Speed, Tackling, Composure, First Touch Weakness's: Intelligence, Poor vision...
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    Roy Beerens - sc Heerenveen

    Did a quick search and didn't any threads on him...he is on Raikan's list however. Name: Roy Beerens DOB: 22/12/1987 (22) Nationality: Holland Club: sc Heerenveen Positions: AM Right / M(RL), AM Left Value: £2,400,000 Sale Value: £5,750,00 - £6,250,000 CA: 2.5 Stars PA: 3 Stars Best...
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    Dover 2012/13 - League 2 - Recommended Signings?

    Just got promotion to League 2, could you guys please recommend some good Goalkeepers and Defenders to help me gain a third consecutive promotion £90k budget Thanks
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    Is this possibly the best LLM signing ever?

    Got offered to me after the first season after gaining promotion to the BSP. £1.5k paid.. What you guys think? Anyone got anything better? (no free transfers please)