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Recent content by jmatthews

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    Liverpool 1st season

    hi, ive gone for liverpool in my first season on fm 12 and i brought in afellay and luuk de jong and loaned gaston ramirez,welliton,granero,eriksen on loan. im currently 5th and 2 points behind 4th and 4 behind 3rd ive got 4mil in january and was wandering if anyone has got any recommendations...
  2. J

    Havent got a desktop icon?

    I have just installed football Manager 2011 and there is no fm desktop icon and to play ther game I need to go in my documents and go through a long process how do I make a desktop icon? Thanks
  3. J

    good signings for a team in serie A.

    hi, well ive been palermo for a season and half and in the first season i got rid off basicly there whole team and brought my own team and i also was doing this in start of second season. now im in january second season and im top of serie a with 3 points head! i wanna know some players you can...
  4. J

    palermo! help me with signings!

    ok so im palermo and im just starting second season. i got taken over and i came 3rd and some miracle has happened and now i have 80mil to spend?! my palermo team is the same as it was but with daniel parejo? so i was just wondering could you recomend some signings to me! also i dont want you to...
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    wonderkid dream team!

    hi, well i was wondering and chatting with my mate and asking him what his dreamteam would be of wonderkids on the game! what got me thinking about making a thread about it. so post your dreamteams!! no regens though. sorry. cheers
  6. J

    yaya sanogo

    hi, well i brought yaya sanogo for 7.5mil in my third season and im now in my fourth and i have never really given him a chance in my first team because i never think he will perform. so i was wanted to know your storys with him! also do you think i should put him in my first team? im liverpool...
  7. J

    when i download a skin it opens in note?

    sorry if the title didnt make sense.... well my problem is ill download a skin then once ive downloaded it and opened it it is in notepad and its just loads of random numbers and words? isit that i need to download a different programme?if so can you send me link to your recomendation please...
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    players who have changed the most!!

    hi im sorry if this is already a topic. well i was wondering what players have had there stats increased the most in patch 11.3 because i know most the players get a stat increase or the pa gets increased like i know martin kelly for liverpool has 4 star pa now! what is very much deserved...
  9. J

    15 mil striker?

    hi, im genoa and i 15 million to spend on a good striker for serie A im in january! the player has to be from serie a because i can only sign one player from non eu club or something like that! so please help! id rather it was not a target man already got toni! cheers
  10. J

    need knowledge in transfer for genoa!?

    alright, sorry about my spelling of knowledge my mind has gone blank!. ok well im in need of help with transfers in and out. i wanna get above a 7th place finish! i got like 6 mil to spend! :-( can you please give me advice on transfer ins and outs and tell me your genoa storys! cheers :-)
  11. J

    Downloads are always opened in note!!!!!!!!

    when ever i do like a facepack download it will download the file and open it in note with just loads of symbols and stuff how do i change t6his!!!!!! please helpppp
  12. J

    attributes for positioning role?

    I dont know if theres thread about this, sorry if this already is! alright well i was wondering what arfe the top 4 things you need for a positioning role.etc. target man- strenght-height-dribbling-finishing or watever. because i wanna know so that i dont have to play with that picture thing...
  13. J

    11.2 patch

    is there much diffference in players attributes from the normal patch of football manager 2011 and fm 11.2 because i remember in 10 there was loads of players with better attributes in the last patch? if so then just post them here, maybe a screenshot if you like well if you have time!
  14. J

    jucilei from corinthians?

    just spotted him like pretty decent what you think?
  15. J

    best young cbs?

    i was wondering who are the best cb's? so can you send your opinion of the best cb for ability,potential and who averages the best ina game? theymust be below the age of 22. ect........ ability:hummel potential: leonel gaelano most consistant: danni wilson! cheers