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Recent content by joepane

  1. J

    International B-Team

    Afternoon, I thought I'd try and play around with the England team, just to see what the changes are. I've noticed we now have a B Team for England, but does anyone know how to a) bring a coach in to manage them and b) add players do it? Thanks :)
  2. J


    Evening all, I've searched several FM sites, forums, and even Google for soundpacks for both FM11 and 12. But all I find are dead links or dodgy sites. Does anyone have any (live) links to a soundpack or have one I can use? Thanks in advance :)
  3. J

    Chelsea, season 1 (with LFC Marshall update)

    Need a decent tactic, scoring a few goals but letting too many, causing draws or 3-2 wins etc. This is the latest update that LFC Marshall did, using no FMRTE, just selling average players. This is the current team, and position I play them in. GK: Cech FB: Ivanovic CB: Terry CB: Luiz FB: Cole...
  4. J

    A tramp has been living in Villa Park...

    We've finally found Martin O'Neill! Link to Birmingham Mail
  5. J

    Aston Villa GK

    1st season Budget: £10m ta :)
  6. J

    Aston Villa- (A)ML

    I have a budget of around 20m, season 2, need a replacement for Downing, for a CL push
  7. J

    Save Kidderminster Harriers FC

    Dear FM fans, I'm sorry in advance if this is not allowed on the forum, but we at Kidderminster are currently going through serious financial trouble, which you may have seen on BBC Midlands Today. The club recently announced that we were ordered to pay a £155,000 fine, or we must agree to a...
  8. J

    Add a cup just for Midlands teams

    I searched the forum but can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Basically, I'm trying to create a cup competition just for teams in the Midlands (Barclays Prem down to BSP). I've tried in the editor but it only replaces their normal league, and when I change the type, it never appears in the...
  9. J

    FMRTE- Players names go blue after swapping.

    On FMRTE, I swapped two players, and one changes blue and is unplayable. Any idea how to change this?
  10. J

    James Milner to stay at Villa?

    Apparently, James will stay at Villa Park and turn his back on Man City unless he moves in the next 48 hours, leaving Stephen Ireland to the reserves team.
  11. J

    O'Neill resigns as Villa manager

    I follow AVFC text updates. Just came through, he resigns with immediate effect. This is Randy Lerner all over...
  12. J

    Bent/Agbonlahor for Crouch?

    I've just started a new season with Spurs, but don't think Crouch is that brilliant. I was thinking of selling him, and getting either Darren Bent or Gabby Agbonlahor to replace him. But which one, and is it a good idea selling him? 8-|