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    FM2019 Must buy is who?

    Every version of FM i played before always got ONE very OP player that must buy in your team Fm2014 : Adnan Janujaz Fm2017: Paulo Dybala In your opinion, who is the most OP player in FM2019?
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    Real Madrid declare interest on my BEST player!!

    Recently RM has develop an interest to my best player Dybala. At the beginning he was certainly no interest to join as well. But RM start using the same tactic that we are using to unsettle him, declare interest/ use scout to come to the match / ask their player to help convince dybala to join...
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    Martin Odegaard

    Anyone try to use him before? How did he progress? Compare with some of the best AMC player in game like Anthony Martial / Asenssio / KDB?
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    Anthony Martial vs Dybala

    If you can only buy one, who will you pick? Martial vs Dybala
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    Affiliates Club and work permit

    Currently managing Chelsea I'm aware of the best nation for player to gain a work permit is Spain, which takes only 2 years to get one. But I cant seems to get the board to find me a affiliates club in Spain. Been asking for them for few times and always find me some club at Holland/ Belgium...
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    Eden Hazard replacement?

    Just finish 1st season with Chelsea and won everything. Hazard then requested to leave for Real Madrid.... Cant seems to talk him out so promise will let him go provided RM submit a reasonable bid... ffs... RM really bid the **** out for him and exceed the promise figure to 120m ++ As much...
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    Best Assistant Manager??

    Training wise, who is the best ASSIStant Manager in game? Rui Faria? Angelo Alessio? What do you think guys?
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    Ze Gomes vs Kuki vs Johannes Eggestein

    In your opinion, who is the best wonderkid striker? Ze Gomes vs Kuki vs Johannes Eggestein Any other suggestion?
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    Fm2017 player star rating question ?!

    Signed Marco Asensio in the first season because i knew he was a -9 potential world class player in future. The scout report at that time indicated 4 and half stars PA. Currently in my 3rd season with him, his CA / PA / Recommendation both at 3 stars ( 2 grey stars ) 1. Can he still improve...