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    Hello there.

    Hi there, I don't know if any of you remember me, but I'm Jones. I haven't been on this site for about 6 months for various reasons, but after getting back into FM, I thought I'd come back here and say hi again, hopefully some of you remember me, if not, hello :)
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    Chasing Barcelona

    Written by Graham Hunter IT'S not often that Paul Scholes opens his mouth and lets rip - not to the media, not to his teammates, not even to Mrs Scholes, legend has it. You get an inaccurate pass and a clean well-timed tackle from Scholes more often than you get a sentence which begins...
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    Liverpool - Left Back - 2nd Season.

    Hi guys. I'm coming to the end of the second season with Liverpool. I've currently got Coentrao as my left back, yet he seems to have become incredibly error-prone of late. I reckon I'll have about £15-20Million available for a new left back at the end of the season, I need a complete full...
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    Liverpool - CM - 3rd Season.

    Hey, I'm Liverpool, and I've just started my 3rd season. I need a world class Box to Box midfielder and I have a budget of £25m Any ideas?
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    Liverpool - 1st season.

    Alright. I'm in my first season with Liverpool & I need 2 players. Firstly, I need a young Left Midfielder, to play as a winger - must cost no more than £7m. & Secondly, I need a young deep lying forward, again, costing no more than £7m. Cheers.
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    AML/AMR - Liverpool

    Hey guys. So, i'm in January 2011 with Liverpool, and i need two wingers for AML/AMR, to play Winger: Attack. I think i'll go for Bale in the summer for AML, but not sure on AMR. Open to suggestions for both. on 11.3, and would say £20m to spend on each player....
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    Football Desire.

    Welcome to Football Desire! We are a brand new football forum bringing you quality discussion, banter, debate and editorials. We aim to bring quality, yet quantity. If you have ever followed football you will love our site. That is the end of it, if you love football you will fit in perfectly...
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    LoveFilm (question and help needed)

    note: if this is the wrong section, can a mod please move it? thanks So, here's the deal. Last November i signed up to LoveFilm.com as i thought this would be a great way of seeing all the movies i wanted to see without having to go to the cinema etc etc, especially as for £10 a month i got...
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    Manchester United 3-2 Liverpool: Berbatov x 3

    Manchester United threw away another two-goal lead – but a Dimitar Berbatov hattrick saved them. Sir Alex Ferguson went with a 4-4-2 – the first time he has done this in a ‘big’ game since Liverpool’s 2-0 victory over United last season. John O’Shea moved to right-back to replace Gary...
  10. J

    Notts win county championship

    Nottinghamshire have been crowned LV=County Championship Division One champions on a dramatic final day to the domestic season. Chris Read's side clinched the title for the first time since 2005 after picking up enough bonus points in their drawn match with Lancashire at Old...
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    Who's going to Uni next year?

    So basically, i know that most people on here are fairly young, and was just wondering if anyone was going to Uni next year, all things being right [ie. results etc.] i'm meant to be, but i honestly haven't got a clue where i wana go, i wanna study something to do with business, which maybe...
  12. J

    England 4-0 Bulgaria: Hattrick for Defoe as England cruise to victory

    A great start, a quiet first half and then a dominant end to the game, as England opened their qualification campaign with a much-needed high-scoring win. Fabio Capello chose to play Wayne Rooney with a partner, Jermain Defoe, rather than in the lone striker role he occupied in the recent...
  13. J

    Alejandro Cruz: Gaga one or Special one?

    Monday 13th July 2011: “Listen lad’s, we’re dominating this game, they shouldn’t have scored 2, We just need to sharpen up in defence and we’ll be fine, especially if our front men keep linking up like they are, you look like the real deal out there, I think even Xavi and Iniesta would be...
  14. J

    Jones' 4-2-3-1 V2.

    Dear FM-Base users; I'd like to present you with the latest version of my 4-2-3-1, which has worked superbly with me for several teams including Liverpool & Arsenal, I can provide screenshots from my Liverpool save, in which I won: The Premiership League Cup Champions League Finalists Fa Cup...
  15. J

    Possible Managers Lounge?

    This is just something for mods and users alike to think about. I've just been on susie (sortitoutsi) and while browsing through their story section, i've noticed that they have a section entitled "Managers Lounge". Basically what this section is for is instead of people posting stories where...