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Recent content by Jonesy Number 9

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    E3 - 5:30pm Live Streaming

    E3 LIVE ! Microsoft e3 will be holding the major convention, within microsoft it will be showing you live gameplay of Modern Warefare 3 and many Kinect Games E3 Microsoft | Little Big Byte E3 LIVE ! EA e3 will be holding the major convention, within EA it will be showing you live gameplay...
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    Modern Warfare 3 leaked Videos Teaser Not Even Been Released To The Public MUST SEE !

    The Latest and the best infomation around about MW3 which is coming to you soon ( well 8th November ) From the link below you will find teaser trailers about the new game ! MW3 Videos « The Dirty Salad Many Thanks TheDirtySalard !
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    Liverpool Sign A 25 Year Old Manager - Could This Go Wrong

    BREAKING NEWS ROY HODGSON HAS STEPPED DOWN AT LIVERPOOL AFTER A FEW DAYS DUE TO ILL HEALTH Do to a sudden decline in health Roy Hodgson has had to step down as manager with only being their for a dew days, so with new Liverpool owners NESV coming into the club John Henry made it clear...
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    Liverpool Vs Liverpool It’s the Race to Cup Glory!

    Before I kick start my story I am doing a competitive story alongside the one and only ryangiggs11. We are going to compete it out to see who is the, “special one” is. Also it’s a competition of pride due to the fact it’s a Liverpool supporter Vs a Manchester Untied supporter, who knows which...
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    Liverpool - My Story

    This is My Story Leigh Jones has just been announced as Liverpool FC’s new manager due to the board does not think Rafa had the ability to bring the long waited premier league trophy to the cabinets of Anfield and to the hearts of the Liverpool supporters. So Leigh Jones has taken the hot...