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Recent content by Joseph_SWFC

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    Newcastle v Tottenham

    V Referee: Mark Halsey Assistant referees: Dean Mohareb & Bob Pollock Fourth official: Kevin Wright Newcastle team news Newcastle are missing quite a few first team players for todays game at home against Spurs. Injured : Hatem Ben Arfa (Broken Leg), Campbell (leg), Carroll (thigh), Gosling...
  2. J

    Liverpool - ST

    Hey, i am Liverpool in the first season and i need a striker to partner Torres any ideas ? I also have £50m and i am using LFC Marshalls update
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    You'll never walk alone ! - A joint story

    After i have been off the forum for a while and have only recently come back i thought i would do a new story with Kyle_LFC :D. I hope you will follow this. Thanks. Joseph. 6th July 2010 Barnes returns Barnes playing for Liverpool Former Watford and Liverpool winger John Barnes has today...
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    Chelsea CB-ST

    Hey i am in my first season with Chelsea i have £66m to spend an i am looking for a striker and cb please :)
  5. J

    Huddersfield - MC + CB

    I'm Huddersfield in the first season with £625k to spend i am looking for a solid CB and a good midfielder like they have Kilbane IRL to play some killer balls, any ideas ? Thanks in advance :D
  6. J

    Alcohol, drugs, jail and glory - A Gazza adventure

    Chapter One - The first mistake For f**k sake. Look at the news, all about me, Gazza arrested for stabbing ! Gascgoine gone loopy! Eh ? For once i was innocent, for once i did nothing wrong, i know i have been in the wrong before but i didn't do it! I swear! ..................... It was...
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    Rotherham - Any

    Hey, i am Rotherham 1st season with a budget of £60k , i am looking for loans or just cheap players in any position will join a league 2 club and help me gain promotion
  8. J

    Spurs target trophies

    Redknapp steps down Redknapp will be spending more time with his son Jamie Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has today confirmed that Harry Redknapp has retired from football management as he has family commitments. Redknapp lead Spurs to Champions League football after he finished 4th...
  9. J

    Tottenham 1st season

    Hey i have £16m to spend and i am looking for a good striker any idea ?
  10. J

    Hey guys !

    Hello everyone, i support League 1 club Sheffield Wednesday and i follow Arsenal and Blackpool. I have been browsing the forums for a while now but have only just signed up. So please be nice to the new guy haha :)
  11. J

    Swfc - cb/cm/st

    Hey, i have just started with Sheffield Wednesday and i feel i need a new CB, CM and ST so have you got any ideas ? Help would be appreciated :)