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    The Premier League on Tour!

    My plan is to use the editor to swap the 20 premier league teams with the top 20 teams from another nation to see how they get on playing in a new nation. I'll run each experiment for 3 seasons and as well as seeing who wins, I'll look at things like transfers, top scorers and awards. On the...
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    Upside Down EPL

    Just a silly database for you all to try out. Instead of the traditional 3/1/0 points system I've turned it upside down to award 5 points for a loss, 3 for a draw and 2 for a win. Note: Minimum allowed points for a win in the editor is 2, so draw became 1+2 and loss became 3+2. Can you reach...
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    Salary Cap for EPL

    I've created a file after a request from a fellow user. Feel free to use it. It puts a £110 million annual salary cap on the EPL.
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    Celtic League

    New league currently in the moderation queue: The Celtic League Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland combined. 5 tier system with 2 national leagues and 3 regional tiers - split in Scotland(Alba), Wales(Cymru) and all-Ireland(Eire). Whole league cup and 3 regional leagues open to...
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    Tales of a thoroughly average manager

    Disclaimer: I am not the type of FM player who does in-depth tactics/scouting/training/preparation (basically anything). I just press go and watch this footballing slot-machine whirl away. Inspired by some of the delightful stories on this site I decided I wanted to get involved. I've just made...
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    FMBase Cup

    Would anyone be interested in submitting teams for an FMBase Cup using the versus mode? With the logistical problems of getting everyone online at the same time for the tournament, this would be a one-man controlled operation (hello!). Naturally this leads to some lack of control at your end...
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    Unofficial League Championship Challenge Thread

    The Unofficial Football League Championship It is exactly what it says it is. An unofficial championship based on the rules of professional boxing: You beat the champion, you become the champion. The first proper league champion was Preston North End in 1888-89, who went through the entire...
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    A new take on a UK league system

    I've been juggling with this idea since early FM12 but never got it off the ground. I've recently posted my first database to the site and have decided to finally get this one to a point it can be released. There's a lot to go through so bare with me: Format The English league pyramid forms the...
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    Tricky relegation/promotion problem

    I'm working on anew databse edit and have come across a few issues that someone will hopefully be able to help with: 1) In a pyramid based system i am looking to have a relegation playoff in a similar manner to the scottish league system, 1 from the higher league and 3 from the lower league...