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    FullAttack 4231

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    FullAttack 4231 2020-11-12

    Vacation Mode Download
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    FullAttack 4231

    Vacation Mode Download
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    Scorpion 550 Defensive shape offensive mentality

    Download 5-5-0 Scorpion shape formation for solid defense and fast attacking style of football Optional No specific OI and training Blank set piece takers or WBL takes right WBR takes left
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    OneManArmy 4231

    OneManArmy Download 4231 DM Wide Control and possession Lone striker and main goalscorer Optional OI None Pitch Size Minimum Training PreSeason Season Individual Training EPL EFL CUP Winners No contracts main squad Stats Striker 26 Goals...
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    5230 Park The Bus with WBA to win the EPL. Solid Performance.

    It is always hard to synchronize an overall tactic that is perfect on defense, attack, possession and control without the need of hard tackling. Instant hassling of any player behind the ball is always a key to victory. Defensive stats will make a great output. Overall solid tactic that can be...
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    4231 Narrow Possession Fluid Tactic

    Possession - Control - Teamwork Download Plug N Play (Optional Instructions) Opposition Instructions None Team Talks Can be handled by Assistants Pitch Size Minimum Training PreSeason Season Individual Training IWB Setup (Optional) Playing the right footed IWB on DL...
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    Ironclad - Park The Bus

    Plug N play Tactic Conservative Playing style and possession strategy Underdog teams will perform against top teams with this tactic Parking the bus in all situations Away or home weak or top Overall solid and cautious performance Download Tactic Optional Instructions Opposition...
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    4231AMC Shadow. The Red Devils Gone Berserk.

    4231 with 3 AMC an overall tactic based on solid defense, Possession and Berserk attacking force to assure winning streaks for good/top teams, designed exclusively for Man UTD but still works berserk for various good teams like Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal ... etc. It requires players with good...
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    Duke 4-3-3 WB Tiki Taka Possession Football. Burnley goes for Treble.

    4-3-3 WB A possession (Tiki-Taka) tactic aims to control and dominate matches with high rates of ball possession and goalscoring. Pressing high, hassling, playing dirty football and spreading frustration among opponents without any mercy. Download tactic Roles Instructions...
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    Duke 4-2-3-1 Norwich Treble 1st season

    4 2 3 1 Narrow Download Tactic A defensive/Offensive tactic for a low team in EPL to compete with top teams Performs at best when fully fluid depends most on speed and dribbling creating massive ccc with a clean style rarely getting fouls and yellow cards while still holding a firm defense...
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    Duke 3-5-2 Plug and Play Liverpool Overloaded

    Training Opposition Instructions None Team Talks Set to As.Manager Plug N Play Download Tactic Liverpool Report
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    Duke 4-3-3 Plug N Play tactic for most teams

    Training PreSeason Season Individual Training Pitch Size Length:105 Width:68 Opposition Instructions None Team Talks Set to As.Manager Download Tactic Destroying top teams with Everton for a half season Squad Main - Backup Table & Matches...
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    DestructionDerby: A tactic guide for youth and top teams to lead the world

    Simple Mode Plug N Play 4-2-3-1 Deep Training PreSeason Season Indvidual Training is in the advanced mode below Ground/Pitch Size Shouts None Opposition Instructions None Team Talks Click on Ask AsManager to take the overall pep talk right before start or At start Calm...
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    Duke: Underdogs May Roar WBA 1st season treble 0 loss

    UnderDogs May Roar 4-2-3-1 Solid Defence Mid Control Active Attack CCC Generator General Training Individual Training Train players to their new roles Set Focus Intensity to Heavy If training is set to new position Or PPM then remove Focus till familiar Plug & Play Can be used with...