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    Player wants contract, agent says no

    So I have this player who requested a new contract, to which I agreed. When I went to the negotiations window the agent says they are not interested in signing a new contract. How can I fix this?
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    Olympic Games killing my pre-season

    What's wrong with this game that makes the BPL start while the Olympics are still going? I mean, I got so many players on it that I can barely fill a squad without getting players from U-21. What can be done about this? (other than signing **** players so they dont get called for the olympics)
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    Players getting more stars out of nowhere

    It's the second time that this happens to me, I bought Dybala on my second season and he was rated with 2,5 stars and loads of potential (as expected) but he never got more stars and, since he was my 3rd striker, I ended up sending him on a loan to Sampdoria on my 3rd season, where he was an...
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    Need a great Striker

    Hi, I'm finishing the 3rd season and I need a great striker for my team! I already got 3 (yes its too much) young guys that will be great in the future (vietto, barbosa and fierro) but they just dont have enough finishing (around 13-14 for them) I'm trying for aboubakar but i would like some...
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    should I sell Balanta?

    Starting my 3rd season as Tottenham and he currently is my best defender. The other dudes are John Stones, Dier and Romagnoli... Two of them aren't quite yet good enough to fill in for balanta in important games This was the proposition from juventus, should I take it? I really feel bad for...
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    Memphis Depay

    I know this guy is supposed to be a big star scoring tons of goals for my team but it is just not happening... He was my first signing and on the 35 games he played he scored 7 goals and got 5 assists... This season he is going the same way with 12 games 4 goals 1 assist I play him as a left...
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    LB/RB do I need better ones?

    Hello, I'm currently playing Tottenham, early season 2 but I'm thinking about the future of my team for season 3 and onwards I ask you if the players I have atm as side backs are good enough to win titles or should I aim for better ones LB: Ben Davies and Danny Rose (Balanta can fill in but he...
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    Hello everyone, I'm a portuguese casual FM player, proud supporter of Sporting Clube de Portugal (known as Sporting Lisbon). Abroad I'm a big fan of Man. United since I've started to play fifa (van nistelrooy and scholes ftw!) and somewhat of a Bayern fan too. As for players I'm obviously a CR7...