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    could sombody please reupload this if you have it the download is broken thanks FM2011 Sound Patch - Downloads - Football Manager 2012 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats
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    Goal from behind the halfway line!

    YouTube - Barcelona vs R. Sociedad - Ivan Bolado Goal 21st minute best goal i have ever seen in fm was on my barce game
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    andrej kramaric

    havent found much on him im in 2015 on my game signed him for inter scored quite a few games probly quite good to buy how cheap he is at start
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    some wonderkids

    Marc mateu can get at 500k at start of game harry kane starts at tottenham not sure how much u can get him for probly less than 1 mill muniesa very cheap at start again salvio probly very know like modric not godlike stats but amazing CA petrov starts at dinimo(spelling) very good DM...
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    cant get backgrounds to work in fm10

    ive gone my backgrounds from 09 and show backgrounds on but i cant get them to show and i have the cache things ticked correctly
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    new to LLM

    can anyone give me any advise on making money and buying players should i be going for free players? and ive heard u can get money from asking for friendlys but i havent found how to do this yet in fm10 :(
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    snow drops

    just to say they make me feel dizzy if i watch em go down lol
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    marco verratti

    young player starts off at porto im 5 years in on my game hes 21 and looking very good plays for man city
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    domestic player bias

    is it good to be a high number or a low number might be a silly question but o well :)
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    10.0 rating

    oscar cardozo just scored 5 goals in champions league and got a 10.0 rating first time ive got one in fm :D
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    how to register a player for premiership

    i didnt register a person who went over 22(???) and it said he can play intime for next game if register how can i?
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    board announce new stadium

    my board just announce new stadium named after there greatest ever manager matt aggett and its going to be called aggett park lol never seen this in the game before probably because never gone as far
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    Matt derbyshire

    i have him in the premiership for my bristol city team im currently 8th derbyshire has scored 11 is 6 games 13 overall (2behind berbatov who has 15) looks like a good player on this game worth signing if your mid table / relagation battle
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    ivan sproule got 2 yellow cards in my save for diving and got sent off good to see somthing like that added :D
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    Long throws

    has anyone seen then in FM10 i played against coventry and gunnerson or somthing like that had 19 throws they went drilling it at the back post and they scored from it 3 times they look very good in new game unlike 09 where they would just float