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    Cant upload highlights

    Hi, During the match on Football Manager 2018, when I score a goal I click the option to upload highlight to youtube but it doesn't do anything. Does anybody experience this and if so, why? I have my Youtube account linked to FM18 but still have the same problems. Thanks
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    Best place to buy FM16

    Finally decided to buy it was wondering where should I get it from? Want a instant download for it but cheapest place. Cheers
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    New update?

    Hi, Just wondering when the official update will be released for all the January updates? As far as I'm aware they release one each year but not 100% sure if they do. Would like this so I can start a classic mode game with updated transfers! Thanks
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    Any way to move bar back to top?

    I know this is a new 'feature' of FM15 but I prefer to have my bar along the top. Is there anyway to move it back to the top? By the bar, I mean the one with Inbox, Squad, Schedule etc. Thanks
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    Ok so this is confusing....

    Ok... so basically I signed a player called Domenico Berardi on a free as his contract was coming to an end with OM. On the day he was due to join, everything went through fine and I was also able to register him to be able to play in Premier League. Since the season started I have not been...
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    FM14 Store

    I've just started a new game (in normal FM mode) and when I go to the store a few of the items say already purchased but won't let me apply them to my game. Any reason why? Just wondering if because I unlocked them in Classic Mode do they not apply to normal mode? Thanks
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    Making New Club

    Gonna make myself a club in the editor. Moving them into the olympic stadium and was wondering a good name for them? All suggestions welcome. Thanks.
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    How to get transfer update working in classic mode?

    Basically I'm using a transfer update from the downloads section which works fine in Normal mode, but how do you get them working in classic mode? Cheers
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    Game wont work!!!

    Basically, I installed Football manager '13 yesterday after re-formatting my pc and it didnt work. Everytime I tried to load it it would say 'Completing installation" and when it gets to 100% it would just stand there. The process is showing in my task manager but its like 26,000k when i know it...
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    Just Ordered FM12 through FM-BASE

    Hello. I just managed to order FM12 through here, and received everything nicely like the codes, so I can activate it on Steam and it's downloading all nicely as we speak. I was just wondering out of curiosity, do you also get a hard-copy of the game mailed to your postal address? Cheers, Matt
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    Ordering FM12

    Hello. I'm trying to order FM12 through here, i get to the payment page, put all details in which are my brothers as he's agreed to buy it for me and the shipping address to my works. I have entered all my details correctly, but when it is processing the order, it returns saying payment has...
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    Bolton Wanderers Tactic

    Hello. I'm looking for a good attacking tactic for my Bolton team. Just about to start my 2nd season and just about scraped survival. I also want a good solid defensive one so that when playing against teams like Man Utd & Chelsea away from home, I can maybe get a cheeky draw. Any help is...
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    FMRTE - Manager Status

    Hello. I am just wondering how I increase my Job Security with FMRTE as it's currently very insecure. I've been the manager at Bolton for about 5 seasons now and this is my first bad season and on the verge of being sacked. I have got so far so I don't really wanna be sacked and carry on. I...
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    FM11 Playable/View Only

    Hey guys. I had a quick scan through the forums and couldn't find anything about this, so here goes and sorry if there is already a thread! Basically, when I create a new game, I select England, France, Germany, Italy & Spain and it gives all as playable and it gives me 33,000 players. When I...
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    Tactic for Bolton

    Hey. I'm looking for a tactic for my Bolton team. I started in December 2010 with them and they were 5th after Owen Coyle got them there. I'm at beginning of February now and we're on a bad run. I have pretty much the same team as you get at the start of the game. I'm hoping to keep it 4-4-2...