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Recent content by mikedodgson

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    FM 2016 Mobile - Tactics?

    Hey Everyone. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place, but I'm trying to find anything to do with tactics for FM16 Mobile, can anyone help? Thanks!
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    Teamtalk Guide Wanted...

    Has anyone out there developed a guide / strategy to Teamtalks that they use to success? Been crawling the threads to find one but my eyes are practically square now after about 30 mins of searching! If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Set Piece Creator - Query

    Hello All, Just need help with a quick thing when setting up set pieces for Attacking Corners... I want to have more than one player to 'Lurk Outside Area' but every time I try this it just replaces with whoever is set to do that firstly. How can I get more than one person to lurk? Any help...
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    4-2-3-1 Narrow - Tight Defence and Prolific Attack

    Hello All, I'm probably one of the most prolific tactic downloaders out there and am always eager to try people tactic's out - so firstly a big thanks to this forum for helping me learn the game, and thanks to everyone who spends time making tactics to show off to people. I downloaded that...
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    [FM12] 433 - FA Cup Winners, League Cup Winners, Euro Cup Winners - 4th in Prem Spurs

    ** All Credit goes to the original creator of this tactic - located here: Download Best Barcelona Tactic for FM 2012 - Football Manager Stories » Football Manager Stories ** I came across this tactic on the footballmanagerstory.com website, and you'll quickly see that the creator 'Johnny Karp'...
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    4-1-1-2-2 - 11.3 Patch - Title in 1st Season as Spurs with 4 Games to Go!

    Intro Hello All, I'm a long term user of other people tactics, as I'm one lazy lazy man... but drew inspiration from others on various boards and came up with the tactic below which is available to download. My 1st season isn't finished yet but I've just clinched the title as spurs - with 4...