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    PS3 Uncharted 2

    anyone reallly want to play it?
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    Failed to set-up graohics system

    I tried to load FM09 after not playing for a few months and i think 9.0.3 patch was installed anyway after everytime i tried to load up FM09 and it didnt load it just came up 'Failed to setup graphics system' and i couldnt play the game, i browsed a few forums and someone told me to download '...
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    braintree town custom

    im nearing january on my braintree town game and i've just realised how ugly therir name is does anyone have any ideas for what i could rename them i want to download a real time editor and change their name to something decent so i was wondering if anyone had anygood suggestions and custom...
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    has anyone ever wondered why bianca's son morgan is half cast when his dad tony is white and bianca's white? i know like aparently one of ryan giggs parents is black or mixed race, i know a few pwople who have had that but not a mixed race child from two white parennts..?
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    i hate loading the game through steam is there a way of not unistalling and and reinstalling via uniloc, is the FM.exe anywaywhere so you can directly upload th game?
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    Angry Football Manager

    (6)Whats the worst thing you've done when you see red after an undeserved loss, relegation or any other general aggravation?(6) Ithink mine on-game is losing to fluminese i think, on FM07 in the most undeserved manner i released all of there players and staff and and made them lose all of...
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    i dno what team to be so im just going to ask what your favourite team youve ever been with and what you done with them mine was swansea on 07 getting them from league 1 to champions of europe
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    Touchline bans

    Has anyone been given any touchline bans or fines if so how long how much? I haven't seen anyone get a ban i think Fergie did on 07 and i've been fined £15000 i think but that was on 07 i've on been warned on 09..
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    Fabregas signs for Barcelona.

    lol 1-0 if i got anyone ;) just wondered if anymore people are joining finnfm hamachi league? what about admin not intrested?
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    James Gilmour LOOK AT THIS

    Plays for Scottish First Division club Ross County. 15 years old, can be signed on a free at the start of the game. Fantastic Prospect need I say more except LOAD ALL PLAYERS FROM SCOTLAND AND SIGN HIM! I've signed him for A.C. Milan, Arsenal + Blackburn he's too sensational!
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    Ultimate Bargain

    Majet Murat If you've loaded slovenian players and can be picked up for free in the conference north/sorth. ask for £300 - £400 a week bangas them in.
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    Man City Tips?

    i'm stuck im not sure how to encoorperate Messi AMC AMR Vela ST Robinho ST Wright-Phillips AMR Pjanic AMC AMR and then the fringe players Balotelli Owen Van der vaart Sturridge Evans Any ideas who to drop? what formations would benefit these players? and how to get the best out of them...
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    Star Players

    Gerrard, De Rossi, Messi, Essien, Torres. That lot who are at their favourite clubs which are the best of the best, how the ****** **** are you supposed to sign them, fat contracts? praising them? Can someone give me some tips?
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    Could people tell me their best strikers for goals. What the best goal scoring record youve had with your players in league games Mines Robinho 32 league goals in 35 league games whats everyones
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    Keeping players fit

    My star player is amazing for me Robinho, but he gets targeted in matches 4/7 a nd he picks up so many injuries. So I was wondering if anyons go any advice to toughen him up or avoiding hard tackles. Ive considered: -TRAINING MY TRAINING ISNT TOO HEAVY ITS AT THE TOP OF MEDIUM -CONDITION I...