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    Will Hudges, Sergi Robert or Youri Tielemans.

    Playing as Man United and have agree deal with all three of the above named player however can only accept one of them on my budget. I'm not desperate for an immediate impact midfielder I just want one that I can rotate and/or develop. The deals have all been agree between 15-20m, Which...
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    Marco Rojas - Melbourne Victory

    Name: Marco Rojas Club: Melbourne Victory Nationality: New Zealander (kiwi) Position: Attacking Midfield Left Strengths: Pace Acceleration Agility Flair Determination Technique Dribbling Crossing Off the ball Weaknesses: Strength Heading Positioning Balance Jumping Finishing...
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    Swansea €31 million splash-out!

    Hi, i need some help in improving my Swansea team. I want to reach Europa league this year as the past two years i have been very unlucky coming 9th ad 10th which was as the board expected. I want to improve my team but cannot think of how this can be done. Below you will see the current...
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    Best Inside Forward?

    I have only recently started a new career with Swansea. At first i played Pablo Hernandez as my right attacking midfielder with the role of inside forward. He was injured in Pre-Season. I was annoyed, but put Nathan Dyer in his place. He has been a god sent. His stats aren't the best but his...
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    Cristiano Ronaldo- 44 Million- first season!

    I no there is a lot of screeshots , but i felt i had to prove it, out of the blue ronaldo was available for 44 million i couldn't believe it , The season hadn't even started and i got a chance like this, i felt i had to take it as may never happen again so i placed a bid and offered the most...
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    Cristian Tello - Barcelona

    He was very poor in the game when released , had low potential , stats were very bad, but he is now forcing himself into the barcelona team in real life so: Were his stats been improved in the latest patch? Has anyone developed him to be a top player? Do his stats reflect his current real life...
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    Top playmaker

    I have just got my Southampton team promoted into the premier league I feel that the thing I'm missing is a top playmaker To my surprise I was given 30 million for my transfer budget Most top playmakers I approach will not even talk to me Does anyone know anyone who is top class and willing to...
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    bernhard peters- unbelievable

    Has anyone else seen this scout? In my opinion he is to good to be only a scout! I tink he could be one of the best staff i'v ever seen Has anyone ever used this guy??
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    Complete Foward

    I have only ever had one player to which i felt had the stats to take on this role, this player being Rooney I also haven't found a player who scout report recommended this role? Has anyone used another player in this role and who was it?
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    45 million to spend, but on who?

    I am into my forth season with Aston Villa and finally won the premier league i was given this massive transfer fund but who to spend it on my team is as follows: -------------------------Rafael(Brazil)------------ -------Paulao(R)----Shawcross---Jones---- Romario --A Young----Douglas Costa----...
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    Work Permit!!??

    OK, i downloaded genie scout to see what it was like i was shocked to see a player of just 16 with potential ability of 199! he is an African player who i immediately bid it for. the offer was accepted as was the contract , the first work permit failed so i appealed to which it once more failed...
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    centre back.

    I'm in my third season and need a solid centre back, I have 13 million to spend , Any suggestions?
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    striker help!!

    I need an out and out goal scorer who will make an immediate impact, Cavani and tevez will not sigh and have niang and fierro I need someone who will create chances for them and rack in the goals! Was thinks about Rondon but will cost 27.5 million Any suggestions??
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    france regans

    Is it just iny save or do France make.the best regans? I am in my 4th season with Aston villa and 7 of my starting 11 are French, They are unbelievable I am dominating the premier league and have a youth of French regans Which have high potential , is it just my save which France produce unreal...
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    do you have any tatic which fits this formation?

    i play with 3 strikers close together as cf's and my mid field has a advanced playmaker with 2 winger is here any tactic which you have that fits this kind of formation? thanks