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    does instant result....

    if you have a skin that you play with instant result, does it remove OI's you put in prior to the game in the full mode of football manager? Many thanks!
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    Best IWB preferred movements/stats

    Hi all, what stats should an IWB have as well as preferred movement? thanks!
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    FM TOUCH team meeting

    Hi all just played a full season with Sassuolo everytime I get team meeting it is "hugely positive" did anyone come across this? Thanks!
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    this game is so flawed .. amazing examples as to why it is!
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    FM Touch skin for full version

    Hi all, Does anybody know where I can find a FM Touch skin for full version? Thanks!
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    what affects morale the most?

    Hi all, I was wondering what variable affects morale the most between the below scenarios? Transfer Embargo Living in a poor 'city/country (attractiveness wise) low reputation manager do you have any others you came across in terms of players' morale outside of the norm I.E. contracts, results etc.
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    Best PPM's by position

    has anyone found effective PPM's by position to use? for example in FM16 shoot with power was quite effective in essense. anybody else found anything interesting?
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    Preferred formation

    Hi all, In Fm16 in the editor there is a list of tactics listed there as preferred formations. in previous Fm's they were saved in the data folder but I cant find it in Fm16. Any ideas where it is? It has to be somewhere :S thanks!
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    difference between amateur, semi pro and pro

    Hi all, I was wondering what are the main differences between the 3 in terms of signing a player, training facilities, coaches allowance, tactical impairment etc.. thanks!
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    FM 16 tactical dilema

    in FM16 one factor I can't quite master yet is consistency .. unless i take a top team and dominate that way with all the various tactics in the game, I win 4-5 games then lose 2-3 and so on, particularly when playing a network game which is very weird... any suggestions? I do team meetings and...
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    Top 11 players

    Hi all, What players do you consistently buy by position (442 to make it simple) every single game?
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    tactical traits

    Hi all, I was wondering what tactical trait you have in FM16. 1- Plug and Play 2- Play different home and away tactics 3- Play same tactic but change mentality home/away 3- Play same tactic but change mentality (within the game) Thanks all!
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    tactics in FM16 game-by-game

    hey all, just wanted to know in FM16 do you tweak your tactic on a game-by-game basis or do you just plug-and-play home and away tactic or just one tactic? Finally, what tactics do you use? Thanks
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    Atletico Madrid tactic

    hey all, The way atletico madrid played yesterday was a masterclass display of defence.. I was wondering if anyone could create a tactic as atletico's players aren't worldclass but they play amazing football and defensive display.
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    Best patch?

    Hey guys, What patch did you guys prefer since one and what tactic? Thanks!