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Recent content by raguman

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    Can't beat the teams around me (Forest 4th season)

    This has been a recurring thing since getting into the prem after the first season. I can't consistently get results against opposition that are a similar level to me! I'm not creating chances and i'm not even getting shots on target. Beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge 3-0 2 games ago, then I lose...
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    Luca Cigarini - Anyone had this guy?

    He is pretty **** good! Got him in my second season when I got my Leeds team promoted. Signed from Atalanta after they got relegated for £725k !! sold him 4 seasons later for 9.5 million - could of probably sold for more, but as he is now 29, why not cash in? Brilliant passer and free-kick taker.
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    Leeds 4th season struggle!

    Hey guys, With Leeds and in my fourth season. 1st season finished 3rd and went through via playoffs. 2nd season finished 8th in the EPL, 3rd season finished 6th and won both FA and League cup granting me European football which has so far been fun. Currently just entered December in my 4th...
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    How to improve Blackburn squad - first season

    Sold Ollson for £10m to Arsenal so that has free'd up about £7m, i'm aware the defence is weak but i'm not sure who to bring in? Already bought Yaya Sanogo to play alongside Yakubu. Joe Allen for £5.5m? I don't know. Cheers guys!
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    England success in your save?

    How have England done in your save? in other FM's for me, not very well. But in 12 and on the latest patch as the manager of Leeds they won the euros (Ukraine in the final, won 4-0, Rooney hat-trick) and the Olympics taking the no. 1 spot in the world. Only lasted a few months before Spain...
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    Leeds 1st season - Away form

    Started the season strangely, won all my home games, lost all my away games - so frustrating! when I win the home games I win by a 3-4 goal margin, and i lose by the same on the away games. Got Darwin Quintero and I'm using the Goals Galore Tactic 2012 v3. Any ideas? Cheers !
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    10 out of 10 Player rating, league 2!

    Having a pretty good season so far. Struggling to find a clinical striker till I come across Rory Donelly who I got on loan from Swansea, 3rd game in and he goes and does this: Single-handedly annihilated Burton! EDIT - AND this guy was on the right.
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    Lincoln and Liverpool - second season

    First season with Lincoln, success - went up through playoffs, currently in 2nd place in League 2. Thought I would make a new manager and choose my favorite team Liverpool (never been with a top side more than one season, usually prefer starting near the bottom, working my way up sort-of-thing)...
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    BSP Counago and Koroma

    Have they taken a significant downgrade since the new patch? they're awful. Koroma just doesn't score and Counago is extremely inconsistent. I try and alternate player roles/ formation. Advance forward - Counago and Poacher doesn't want to work in a 4-2-2-2 as well as Target man - Counago and...
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    Lincoln City - To a place they've never been!

    I've been playing FM for a good while now but never had a go at the stories. So here we go. [5.7.2011] ZAK CLEMENTS, AN UNKNOWN MANAGER TAKES OVER AT LINCOLN CITY Zak Clements, an unknown, boyhood Lincoln City fan took over the reins as Lincoln City manager today. In the...
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    Alain N'kong - BSP King

    Anyone come across this guy? Got him for Lincoln in the first season at £550 a week. The last game save was corrupted (beat Cambridge 4-0 :@) and he got 2 goals 2 assists playing as a TM with a support role. Very good all round player.
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    Best tactic to use for BSP side Lincoln

    Hi there, Just created this thread as I am having some extremely frustrating problems with my Home side Lincoln. I have players like Ahmed Soukouna (Who is insane 11 goals in 7) but he has had two periods of injury now both of 6-7 weeks which is insanely frustrating. Mohammed fouzi who is...
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    Replacing a default face with a new, better one

    Hey there, just wondering if it [the title] is possible. In the default few that come with the game, some aren't very good. Tried naming one of my own creations as the palyer who already has a face [the player ID as the name] but the default one was still there? If anyone could help, would be...
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    Corners-Which foot on which corner?

    Hi there. Just wondering if it anyone could me the answer to the title? Do I use right footed players to take corners on the left corner flag so the ball swerves in or shall I simply use left footed players on the left corner flag and the other way round on the right side? Thanks