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Recent content by red157

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    NewGAN Facepack

    Since the update neither my facepacks or Newgan seems to work. Really a shame.
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    Best frees after the first season

    I'm currently approaching January in my first season in charge of Bristol City and am most likely going to have to settle for another season in the Championship or scrape promotion. What players should I be already looking to sign on a free for the season upcoming?
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    Just got beta code general

    Mutual discussion for getting it up and running or simply to be able to claim 'first'. Edit: This short-lived excitement.
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    Leading Transfers

    Can't remember there being a thread like this for '11 but I'm always interested in how the computer handles the transfers over multiple years. So this thread is for posting the leading transfers on your save (located in World > Transfers > Views). If you've got multiple saves over an extended...
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    Odd glitches in matches

    Here's my recent post in the Frustrations thread... Now playing against Sevilla I've discovered why I can no longer score from set-pieces. Just like every single long shot seems to be saved by the goalie, he also has supernatural powers when it comes to set-pieces. Ball heading in from a...
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    Firings and hirings happen at the same time

    Unsure as to which subforum would be more appropriate, but is this happening to anyone else? All firings and hirings seem to take place on the same day, then after the game deems enough days have passed, some more happen.
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    Bristol City - Central midfield

    Looking to play a narrower formation so looking for players in central roles whether it be DM, CM or AMC. Still in the first transfer window of first season with just under £1,000,000 to spend. Quite small wage budget (blame David James). Not much has caught my fancy in the free market. Edit:-...
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    Gaps in my Bristol City side

    So I've pursued many (many) avenues, but I've been halted from doing what I want due to my crippling budget (800k) and the fact no players want to come here. Willing to spend the lot on either a left back or a winger/attacking midfielder (either side).