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    Park The Bus

    Does anyone have a tactic where you sit deep and park the bus? I have tried, but nearly always concede early on.
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    FM21: Funny and Random Thread

    I don’t think I gave away a penalty all season…
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    I Give Up

    I’m really struggling to get on with FM19 Touch. The first part of the season was going amazingly, but I didn’t really know why. Then all of a sudden I can’t get a win, and I don’t know what I can do. It doesn’t matter what I tell my team, they don’t seem to listen, even when I put it on be more...
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    FM Touch

    I have been playing in comprehensive view, but have had some games where it barely shows any of my team with the ball, even though I’ve had 65% of the ball. It’s very hard to work out how my team are playing.
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    Strikerless Tactics Tips

    I tried playing a strikerless formation against Arsenal and was amazed by the amount of possession I had and how many chances I created. But my defence was poor and the game finished 3-3. The one thing that kept happening was my Advanced Playmaker kept making great runs through the middle on...
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    Have to Reload FM Touch 17 On iPad

    Nearly every time I turn my iPad off I have to reload FM17 Touch. Does anyone know how I can stop it?
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    Dybala Value?

    I have just finished my second season with Spurs. Dybala was Europes top scorer with 33 goals in 33 games. He now wants to leave for Man City. He's 25, still has 4 years on his contract, and it valued at £53m. How much do you think I can sell him for? I'm thinking £150 - £200m. The highest offer...
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    Who is the next Frank Lampard

    I’d love to have a player like Frank Lampard in my team. Can anyone recommend a box to box midfielder who arrives late into the box and score goals?
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    Through Balls

    I’ve always struggled with playing through balls over the top. I have top players with great passing, creativity, decision making etc stats. I’ve tried more direct passing, into space etc, but the creative players always seem to hold onto the ball and play a short pass. Any advice?
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    Through Balls Into Space

    I have some very good players with good stats, I won the Premier League last year, but one thing I always struggle with is through balls. I’ve tried playing deeper to draw in the opposition, direct passing, shot passing, slow tempo, fast tempo, basically everything. I usually play 4-1-2-3, but...
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    Least Goals In A Title Winning Season

    I've just won the PL in my second season with Spurs scoring only 49 goals. Has anyone else won the league with less goals?
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    Real Life Tactics

    I quite often read match analysis on some websites and quite often think I wouldn't be able to do that in FM. An example is from the recent Bayern v Arsenal game. Firstly it praises Bayern for their perfect positional structure, which makes me think you would have your tactics set to rigid, or...
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    Slide Bars

    I've decided to return to FM 2013, but one thing that puts me off is constantly having to adjust the sliders and roles every time you change a player. I am a bit of a Claudio Ranieri (I like to tinker) so this adds a huge amount of time to my game. Is there away around this? I was thinking I...
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    Player Match Ratings

    How much notice should you take of a players ratings? I have a player I bought because he had good attributes for DM. I just noticed he got 6.5 in a game, but when I looked at his stats he made a lot of interceptions, and won most of his tackles and headers. He only made 3 tackles in the 70 mins...