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    Une Histoire Francais - Stade Rennais/France

    Bienvenue! Hi and welcome to my story, which will be set in France and sees me attempt to replicate my feats in previous versions of FM in which I qualified and progressed through the Champions League with Stade Rennais, whilst firmly focusing on making the most of their youth academy too. On...
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    Das Team - A World Cup Dream

    Oesttereicher Fu?ball-Bund Welcome to my story where I will be looking to take the burgeoning Austrian team further than they've ever dreamed of before! I was very tempted to start an international save, but rather than go for Germany or England as I normally do I've decided to make things a...
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    premier league title challenge

    casual premier league title challenge, will play on and off when time allows, looking for 1/2 extra players. message me if interested.
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    Blau und Wei? ein Leben Lang - an FC Schalke 04

    FC Schalke 04 As I am currently living in Germany, I decided it would be interesting to go back to one of my favourite FM teams, Schalke. They are a team with plenty of quality but are currently in the shadow of European Champions FC Bayern Munich and their fierce local rivals Borussia...
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    Keep the Blue Flag Flying High - A Chelsea Legacy

    Hi and welcome to another attempt by me to make Chelsea the most successful footballing establishment in the world. While obviously not considered one of the hardest feats in football manager, I always enjoy trying to take the team that I love as far as possible.. Whilst my last several stories...
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    Accessibility Difficulties

    Hi there! Was just wondering if anyone had any solutions to my predicament. I am currently studying in Germany for the year and attempted to download the latest FM demo and have been told I cannot get it in my region. I have tried connecting to my university's server and it still won't accept...
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    The Blue Lions, or the Lions Blues..?

    1860 Munich is a curious story in German football history. One time winners of the German top flight, they have in the decades since fallen far, far behind their great rivals Bayern Munich in German football. In fact up until 1993 1860 had dropped right back into the doldrums of amateur...
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    Just putting this out there to gauge the interest from people here! If enough people are game I will organise it, and we'll get something going, cup or league. Anyway, post if you're up for it! SAMILLYROY'S FM CUP 4th Edition Contestants Zzeezzy DarloGeorge96 Jean-Luc Conorc98 pompeyforever99...
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    To the Premier League and Beyond - A Rams Story

    Have been wondering through games with little motivation the past few months but I am ready to settle on to a story with Derby County now, starting of course in the Championship and taking things from there. I like Derby because of their successful youth academy and pragmatic business approach...
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    Chelsea FC - A Samillyroy Legacy Returns for FM13

    Hello and welcome to my annual bash at a Chelsea file! I haven't had a go at them this season and with the likes of Drogba etc gone it's going to be an entirely new challenge for me! I will probably just do one season and see how many trophies I can gather as I often lose steam after the first...
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    A Posh Challenge

    Welcome to my story in which I will take on the challenge of guiding Championship side Peterborough United as far as possible. I'll open up the story with a team report and then move things on from there. But first off, why would I pick "the Posh"? The first thing that made me attempt this is...
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    scoreboard indicating wrong score :S

    okay so it was 2-2 at half time against tottenham. quarter of an hour into the game, essien crosses to the back stick and ashley cole pops up to score, it's 3-2.. only the scoreboard still says its 2-2. the goal is appearing at the bottom on the timeline but the score is the same and on the...
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    Stade Rennais - Pride of Brittany.

    Hello people! I’ve decided to start a file as Stade Rennais after the success I had with them on FM11. The main reason for wanting to do a file with this team is because of the fantastic youth facilities available and I enjoy the challenge of making them a top side on a small budget, akin to...
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    German League messed up?!

    So I've been playing a file as Bayern Munich for just over a season and a half (About to begin the 2013-2014 campaign), and it's 12th August and the fixture list hasn't loaded up??? Apparently this season I'm only competing in the German Cup and the Champions League. Can anybody enlighten me as...
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    Chelsea Story - A Stamford Bridge Legacy at Last

    I'll start by explaining the objectives of my story. I think this season, more so than ever with the lack of depth had in previous years, Chelsea are a good challenge for FM12 and as they are the team I support, I always make it my first challenge on a new football manager game. I will probably...