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    Reaving! 442 by TFF tweaked by RDF

    @RDF tactics How do you think this would fair with Glasgow Rangers??
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    ZEUS by TFF

    I know we have the filters but I’m Birmingham and budget is an issue so I’m looking for right winger and striker that will make the difference and help me climb the table ??
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    ZEUS by TFF

    Anyone got any team talk tips please??
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    ZEUS by TFF

    I’ve signed ansu fati to play left mid here’s hoping he can perform
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    ZEUS by TFF

    Ha ha ha
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    ZEUS by TFF

    Has anyone found a striker that scores with this tactic??
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    ZEUS by TFF

    What about full backs ??
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    ZEUS by TFF

    TFF I could with your help I’m Birmingham in the prem and have started to use your tactic I had left foot on right and vice versa but I was getting hammered so I changed to left on left and vice versa and have drawn 3 in a row now just not sure if players are good enough or where I’m going wrong
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    Current ability for each league

    Just wondering if there was a guide or if anyone has any ideas of what abilities you require for each league starting in the vanarama league and upwards
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    Where are the tactical wizards ??

    Yes I know it’s early days but where are our tactic heroes like jesuaustralia and total football etc I’ve been using these guys tactics for the last couple of years
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    High goal scoring tactic

    I'm looking for a high scoring tactic for my team of talented regens they haven't reached their full potential yet but I'm sticking by them I'm currently Pompey in championship after back to back promotions
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    I need Players for championship and beyond

    Looking for younger players who can do a job in championship two seasons in and will be good enough for prem eventually
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    This years wonderkid strikers ??

    I know it's early days but has anyone found a wonderkid striker yet
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    Any scandanavian bargains ??

    Trying to find some real good bargains to help push my Pompey side up the leagues has anyone out there found a bargain yet??
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    Striker to dominate Scottish football

    I know it's late to be staring a new save but wanted to have a go with rangers but not updated so they are still in championship but I'm looking for a striker to fire me to title glory