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Recent content by thelegend50

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    Liverpool First Season

    Who did people sell and purchase (after sales) in their first season as Liverpool? Ive just started one, and was interested to see what other people had done. Thankyou!
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    Online Problem

    Everytime i join an online game server, i just get kicked after about 4-5mins back to the home screen without any message or anything.. really not sure what the problem is! Need help, really want to play online. Thankyou
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    Need Tactic To Play The Big Teams.

    Im playing as Arsenal in my 1st season and i play an attacking formation.. i play with 4 defenders, 1 DM, 2 CM, AML and AMR, 1 ST GK - Andre ter Stegen LB - Gibbs CB - Vermalen CB - Mertersacker RB - Sagna DM - Song CM - Arteta/Wilshere CM - Ramsey/Wilshere AML - Gervinho AMR - Walcott ST - Van...
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    Arsenal - RB

    Sagnas picked up an 6-7month injury in my first friendly, so i need to find a RB with the ability to be a first choice for my Arsenal Team I still have jenkinson but hes not the best defender and even now still isnt ready to fit straight in at RB for a long period of time. I have around 28mil...
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    Arsenal - LB (1st season)

    i have just had an offer for clichy of 18mil and thought it was good enough so i sold him, i still have kieran gibbs but was wondering if there was a big name LB i could sign within about 20mil budget :) Thankyou :)
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    Tottenham - ST (1st Season)

    Im looking for a striker as the last player to complete my team in the summer transfer window, i am looking for someone similar to defoe but with a bit more of a presence.. i hope that you lot can give me some good ideas for people i could check out, i have around 12mil to spend, and with a few...
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    Tottenham - Any Youngsters

    I have around 25mil to spend in my 2nd season, after making a few signings :D.. I done the quadriuple in my first season as spurs manager, so am just looking to signing a few youngsters i can nurture for the future :D All ideas would be very helpful :), Thankyou in advance
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    Birmingham - Any (1st Season)

    Was looking for a load of options to sign for birmingham 1st season all over the team, have about 25mil to spend, and am willing to spend alot on one player.. Just want peoples opinions on the best players for each position to sign for birmingham.. Name Postion and Price would be helpful...
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    Newcastle - ST

    I have got alot of money, so money is not a question.. Just need a good striker, and would liek to know your ideas.. Thankyou in advance :)
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    Best Youth Training

    Which training is the best to get youth players to get to there full potential out of youth players? Thankyou :D
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    Arsenal - Any Youngster

    Hello, sorry if theres another post like this, i cudnt find one.. I am looking to sign as many good youngsters as possible on my arsenal season and was just wondering if you could name a few that would be worthwhile signing.. Thankyou :)
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    Man City - Any

    I am looking to buy in any position as Man City, so if you all give me some ideas on who too sign and how much you think they would cost me, that would be a great help Thankz (H)
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    Atleitco Madrid - Any

    I have 15mil to improve my side, im in the first season and have made no signings from the original madrid squad and was wondering where the weak parts are and where my strong parts are.. If you cud give names of players i could look into signing that wud be great Thankyou
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    CM - Malaga

    Got around 3m to spend on a CM for malaga and was wondering if anyone had any ideas, need a more advanced midfielder someone who can create a few chances :)
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    Malaga - Any Position

    Ive got 6.5m to spend on most of them team, so if anyone has any ideas for any position except GK as i signed enyeama :) thankyou in advance