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    FMB Auction Story

    The story thread after the following auction game: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/auction-games/97389-fmb-auction-game.html Participants were only allowed to sign players from a selected height range (Short/Average/Tall) plus one wildcard player Premiership: Mike. - Reggae Reggae United Sean...
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    FMB Auction Game

    For this years auction, I've split players by height. Participants where asked to choose Short, Average or Tall and can only buy players within the height ranges of their given group.Premier League: Mike. - Reggae Reggae United - £0m Sean - FM Base FC - £0m fuelledbypassion - Withering Heights...
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    FM12 Data Editor for Dummies

    The Basics http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/transfer-updates-custom-leagues-editing/84725-where-find-fm12-data-editor-resource-archiver.html Once you've installed the editor follow these steps: Click File --> Load Database This will load up the default database.If you would like to edit a...
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    FMRTE Download & Help Thread

    You can download the latest version of FMRTE from here: Downloads » FMRTE - Official website Post any queries you may have about installation/in-game use. If you find you're not getting a sufficient answer, you may want to look on the dedicated FMRTE forums: FMRTE - Forums
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    International Auction Game Story

    This is the story as a follow up of the following auction:http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/f119/international-auction-game-need-formations-t62787.html Download DB here Auction Premiership Mike. - Hellish FC Shay Given - Eleven Wise Monkeys Jake - Ragass Rovers Andid1 - Andy's...
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    International Auction Game - Complete

    This is an invite only auction game and there are no spaces to join. So the idea which I had for this auction game, was that the competitors choose 2 nations to make a squad of 16 with. From one nation (primary) they'll need to buy 9 players, from their other chosen nation they need to buy 5...
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    [XBOX 360] COD Black Ops Tournament

    This tournament is only for Xbox 360 users. There's been lots of FIFA tournaments over the past few months, but none for COD, so I thought I'd try to set this up :) I'm looking for 18 players (& a few back-ups) To join you must have at least 1000 posts or be a premium member, although as there...
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    Looking for an auction game thread

    If you're not a regular on the forum but would like to start/participate an auction game, this is the thread where u can organise auction games between other members. Give the following Information: Username: Time Zone: Willing to: make the database/be the person to receive bids (can't...
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    The Auction Game

    This is the story following my auction on the following thread: auction You can download the DB here: download Auction Premier League Dunc - Inter Under 8's Billy - No Punt Intended Jake - Hardly Athletic Ronan - The Give 'N' Go The Editor - Editing you out DMF - Riibena FC Kris...
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    The FM-Base Auction Game

    Well this needs no introduction :) Everyone starts with a budget of £500m and you need to build a squad with that money and sign a manager. 1st Division Dunc - Inter Under 8's - £0m Billy - No Punt Intended - £0m Jake - Hardly Athletic - £0m Ronan - The Give 'N' Go - £0m The Editor -...
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    The Best of Leagues DB

    After reading this thread, it made me think who would win if the best of premiership, la liga, seria A etc were to play eachother in a league format. So here it is, the league which has the best 20/21 players from the top leagues :) Teams play eachother 4 times and as you can see there are...
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    Database Editing Competition Ideas for FM11

    Some ideas have been floating around with the editing section regulars on how to go about making fun and yet still competitive competitions. Similar to the Graphics section, I want to hear your views and possible ideas. If you have any ideas, post them, and I'm sure some of the keen editors...
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    The FM-Base Poker Room (fake money)

    This is just a bit of fun for us fm-base poker addicts who have lost all their money gambling and can only use fake money to play. Create an account here Join the FM-Base poker group here You get $500 in virtual money when you create an account. When you join the fm-base group you must click...
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    The FM11 Editing Help thread

    Post questions you have about the Data Editor, FMRTE or anything else editing related. Read some of the posts above you to make sure your question hasn't already been answered and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Guide to create a new club
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    Tirath's Betting Game (Fake money)

    NO MORE ENTRIES Rules: You start with £100 in fake money and I provide odds (real) for sporting events (mainly football). It's up to you weather you want to put it all on the line in the first round or keep some back. Once you reach £0 you will be eliminated from the game. You can either do...