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Dec 20, 2008
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This is the story following my auction on the following thread: auction

You can download the DB here: download

Auction Premier League

Dunc - Inter Under 8's
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Billy - No Punt Intended
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Jake - Hardly Athletic
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Ronan - The Give 'N' Go
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The Editor - Editing you out
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DMF - Riibena FC
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Kris - Joseph Fritz's Basement Babes
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Joe - De Jong will break ya
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Redrup - Obi-Wan Kenobi-Nil
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Brian 95 - Ronnie's Rapists
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Auction First Division

Nathan - Ginger Ninjas
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Shay Given - Skill Billies
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Ed Syers - The A-Team
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Alex - Chamakh my ***** up
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Dan - Oakes's Dream XI
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Andid1 - Andy's Allstars
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Aannddyy - Middle Earth CF
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Scott* - A large *****
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Mike. - Hellish FC
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As with my last auction game, I'll be running a scoring system so you guys can see how well you do over the course of the game.

Points system
Premier League
1st Place: 10 points
2nd Place: 7 points
3rd Place: 6 points
4th Place: 5 points
5th Place: 4 points
6th Place: 3 points
7th Place: 2 points
8th Place: 1 point
9th Place: -1 point
10th Place: -2 points

Second Division
1st Place: 6 points
Play-off winner: 4 points
Play-off loser: 2 points
9th Place: -1 point
10th Place: -2 points

Auction Cup
Winner: 4 points
Runner Up: 2 point

Premier League Golden Boot: 3 points
Premier League Highest Rated Player: 3 points
Premier League Most assists: 1 point
First Division Golden Boot: 1 point
First Division Highest Rated Player: 1 point

Player scores
Ronan = 67
The Editor = 52
Dunc = 36
Alex = 30
Kris = 24
Billy = 24
Jake = 17
Redrup = 16
Aannddyy = 14
Joe = 14
Dan = 11
Mike. = 10
Brian 95 = 10
DMF = 5
Ed Syers = 3
Andid1 = 3
Neall = 2
Scott* = 1
Nathan = 0
Shay Given = -8

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That green font colour hurts my eyes Tiraths.

p.s Auction games suck but good luck all.
Luis filipe scolari is a ******
Only Casillas and Filipe should be starting in their positions
Um, wtf is my line up about? No Hangeland, no Totti/Albin, no Falcao, no Cambiasso.

Lol @ my starting 11. Cmon Give 'n' Go!
Oh yeah I forgot to mention I removed all bans & injuries so any injuries sustained were in the friendlies.

Those line-ups are just ones your assistant managers chose in their previous friendly
Oh yeah I forgot to mention I removed all bans & injuries so any injuries sustained were in the friendlies.

Those line-ups are just ones your assistant managers chose in their previous friendly

lies you well hacked and put out everyones worst possible team as messi isnt starting for his team and my team is retarded
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Start of season 1

Premier League

View attachment 120114

Kris' team gets off to a flying start thanks to a fantastic defence. It's very tight at the bottom as Joe's lads have suffered defeats in their previous 5 matches.

View attachment 120115

Brazilian keeper Gomes has been a key part to Kris' success, aswell as goals from both his main strikers. The assist chart has been dominated by Ronan's team although he has no representatives in the top scorers list surprisingly.

First Division

View attachment 120116

It's a much tighter affair in the first division, with Dan's team 6 points ahead of the chasing feeling. Middle Earth FC were holding the top spot although recently had a dip of form and now lie in 3rd place.

View attachment 120117

Samuel Eto'o has managed more than a goal a game after missing a few games through injury. Nathan's chances of a half decent finish look to be out of the window due key central defender Cristián Zapata left sidelined for up to 3 months with knee ligament damage.

Season 1 Update

Premier League

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Ronan's lads have managed to catch up with Kris's team and look to have left the rest of the teams in the league behind. No Punt Intended have really struggled this season and look set to be relegated unless they step their game up.

View attachment 120140

David Villa has stormed to the top of the goals leaderboard, justifying the massive fee payed for him. A goal a game has throttled 'Editing you out' into 4th spot.

First Division

View attachment 120141

Middle Earth FC have been on fantastic form winning their last 5 games and find themselves top of the table. Even with such a small squad, Ginger Ninjas have managed to get themselves into 6th place.

View attachment 120142

Gareth Bale has been providing well for the ginger ninjas with 9 assists. Rooney & Eto'o have got to double figures in the goalscoring chart and it looks to be a 2 horse race for the golden boot.​
:O! 4-4-2 with AML and AMR! :O not plain 4-4-2 :( that back up schaars is raping though
Hardly Athletic doing way better than you all thought we would. :)
:O! 4-4-2 with AML and AMR! :O not plain 4-4-2 :( that back up schaars is raping though

It's because you guys didn't have a pre-season friendly. You have the correct formation ;)

I won't be able to update again till after boxing day. Sorrrrrrrry
FFS. Pato on the bench :S
Wooo! I ******* love you Pep <3 He is the sexy manager and I am the director of football. Despite spending very little compared to the rest of the team's.
Just an average position in the league, not surprising with an average team. Disappointed that the two best finishers on the game aren't on the top scorers list though, what the **** are they doing?!
End of season 1 update

Premier League

View attachment 120307

Ronan's team have managed to steal the title after a really poor end to the season from Joseph Fritz's Basement Babes.
Meanwhile at the other end of the table, Billy's team slumped to relegation and were joined by Ronnie's Rapists who also started to slide down the table after a promising start.

View attachment 120308

It was a real team effort from The Give 'N' Go lads, with all outfield players except Anthony Annan scoring. David Villa stole the headlines with golden boot award and the highest average rating for The Editor's team although they only managed 3rd place.

View attachment 120309

First Division

View attachment 120310

A much closer affair at the top of the table but Dan's team just managed to steal the title from Middle Earth CF on the last day of the season. Alex's lads could never sustain a good run of form and were unable to get off the bottom of the table.

View attachment 120311

View attachment 120312

Wayne Rooney's goals almost single handedly sealed Neall's team with that injury time equaliser in the playoff game. He deservedly takes the golden boot to next season and VWAGNAAAA will be relying on him to keep them in top flight football.

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Auction Cup

View attachment 120315

It took a replay to separate them, but Editing you out managed to beat Billy's team to the trophy, wininng compfortably 2-0 in the end, thanks to a David Villa double.

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Player scores

Ronan = 10
The Editor = 10
Kris = 7
Dan = 6
Dunc = 5
Jake = 4
Neall = 4
Redrup = 3
Aannddyy = 2
DMF = 2
Joe = 1
Nathan = 0
Billy = 0
Shay Given = 0
Ed Syers = 0
Andid1 = 0
Scott* = 0
Brian 95 = -1
Mike. = -1
Alex = -2