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    Hints and Tips(Cheat???)

    Are you sick of those games where at half time you have been well on top especially away from home but you are drawing or somehow losing the game? Or what about when you have a comfortable lead at half time but you know the opposition are going to go all out in the second half? Well, I might...
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    Anyone Fancy Testing This Tactic In The Full Game?

    What i really want to know is if it has longevity and performs better as your squad strengthens or if it will suffer "second season syndrome" or even 3rd or 4th season syndrome. Just plug and play as it is, with two suggestions...... 1. If a goal up in the dying minutes set whatever "SUS"...
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    Setting Up and/or Importing Set Pieces

    Just realised how bad the pre-set set pieces are in the game with DC's staying back at attacking corners and such. So I found a few to copy but cannot seem to put players in the same spots as the one i'm copying plus I cant work out att/def, its all so confusing and to add to that when I go...
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    Has Watching Matches Become Redundant?

    Every single match just mimics the last. Watching the ME shows no discernible difference in style whether its Man City or Cardiff City. Is it worth just dropping the 2d and 3d match view altogether? Personally I think the game has always been this way, its just so much more noticeable...
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    Easier than expected

    I'm only playing the demo and started my first save with West Ham with a d/loaded 4-1-2-2-1 and it was ok but not creating much so I looked at the preset tactics and went with a 4-2-3-1 gegenpress. The only thing I changed was to make sure no players were taking long shots and I went on a...
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    No Demo

    Obvious ploy to make more people think "sod it i'll just buy the game". So dishonest
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    Finally Broke FM18 Last Night..........................

    ......................on the same day the FM19 Beta is released. Anyone interested?
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    Can you use FM18 tactics in FM19?

    Just that really, not asking if the good tactics are still good, just if they can be used.
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    A Season In The Life Of A Football Manager

    I'm going to show screenshots of every match in my W.B.A. 2nd season, including a short match report. I started a new save using the ever faithful Sir Goalalot tactic that has saved FM18 for me. The only problem with this tactic is that it tends to suffer from 2nd season syndrome, so this time...
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    A Season In The Life Of A Football Manager

    Before I start, can I just ask a Moderator if its ok to start a thread about my 2nd season W.B.A. save, showing match stats and a small report on the match?
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    Transfer Update - Where and which one?

    Which is the best transfer update and where can I get it please? Thanks
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    Sir Goalalot Tweak

    I've joined this Forum as I am a serial tactic downloader and on FM18 I am amazed that the Sirgoalalot 4-2-3-1 tactic has not been utilised to its full potential. Very minor tweaks to both tactics and training has made this tactic useable season after season to the point where it is practically...