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    Logos disappearing.

    Some of my downloaded logos and badges have for some unknown reason disappeared from my game completely. They are still in the graphics file but do not show up on the actual game. This is frustrating as it is not all but just some of them. I have tried a lot of things including replacing the...
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    Could this be a glitch?

    In a couple of recent saves I have loaned young players out only for them to be injured in either their first game or on their first day at their new club. It has resulted in having to recall the players which is obviously not ideal, this has now happened 3 times on different saves is it just...
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    I know it been said on here already but is there any particular methord to defending better or is it just that my defenders are bad. I'm a few months into my first season and i haven't had a clean sheet at all this season.
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    Runtime Error

    Does anbody know what this means and more to the point what can be done to stop it? It has come up and closed down my game 3 times in the last few days and it is really annoying. If anyone has any advice let me know.
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    Disallowed Goals

    I have started the season in the championship with Sheffield Wednesday. We have played 6 league games and have had 5 disallowed goals 4 offside and 1 foul. It is getting beyond a joke as it has cost us points. Has anyone else had any similar problems?
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    Should i stay or should i go?

    I am currantly the manager of Ipswich and i am in my second season after taking them up to the premier league. I have been offered the job of manager at Aston Villa. I really don't know whether to stay or leave. Can anyone give me any advice?
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    Assistant Manager and coaches

    I am thinking about starting a new game with a club not in the premiership and not below league 2. I was wondering who i should get in as a assistant manager and a couple of coaches. Does anyone have any ideas as to a good Assistant and coach?
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    What exactly is a crash dump and what to do with them.

    My game has just crashed and it has been sent to a crash dump. What exactly do you do when this happens and why do they happen? ---------- Post added at 10:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:02 PM ---------- Just incase you are wondering i am not on steam.
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    Bradford City

    I have taken over at Bradford and need a bit of help on what is the best formation to play. Does anyone have any tips on what to do.
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    Good players to buy in 2013

    I am currantly in charge of West Brom i have just been promoted to the premier league after finishing 2nd in the championship. I need to sign some quality players ready for the premier league. Who would be a good player to sign in 2013?
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    Defenders Needed

    I am the manager of Sunderland in my second season and we finished in 13th in my first season. This low finish was due to the defence i had. Can anyone sudgest any defendres i could bring in on a low budget and prefrebly young?
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    Crash dump problems

    My game keeps crashing and sending it to a crash dump. Can anyone tell me how i can stop this happening as it has happend 4 times in the last 2 days.:(
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    Worried about transfers.

    I have been on a bit of a roll recantly and have just won manager of the month for december in my second season with 7 wins from 7 games. I am now a bit worried my best players will leave due to this good fortune. I am currantly at Sheffield Wednesday where i have no money so we may need to sell...
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    Jay Emmanuel-Thomas

    This guy is great to get on loan he has only played 6 games since signing in on loan from Arsenal but has scored 3 goals and has made 5 assists and has achived at leased 7 out of 10 in every match. I just wondered has anyone else signed him and had this impact.
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    Luck in the cup's

    No matter how easy the draw might be i never seem to have any luck in the cup competion's like the F.A cup, carling cup or the JPT. Can anyone give me any advise in how to at least get through the first round.