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    Team Instructions for these roles

    GK DR - DC -DC - DL FB-S - CD-D - CWB-A MR - MC - MC - ML W-A - DLP-S - BWM-D - WM AMC Treq-A ST AF-A What team instructions can i use for this formation and player role set up?
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    Near Post Corner Tactic

    Hi FM-Base, I have been working on a corner tactic and found one that is working for me. The idea behind the tactic is to have various different scorers and not just the same player every time. I also do not want to be a set piece specialist team with big 6ft+ players everywhere. Here is a run...
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    Default Playmakers

    I have been reading up a lot on tactics in FM14 because i have so far struggled with not having tick boxes and sliders to determine how i play. The key piece of information i have been longing for is that of the default playmaker. Its not just your most forwardly positioned midfielder or most...
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    4-4-1-1 (Tottenham)

    Hi, I was wondering what instruction people would use for these roles below... ------------------GK------------------ --- CWB --- CD-X --- CD-C --- FB-S --- --- WM-A --- B2B --- DLP-D --- W-A --- ----------------AVP-A----------------- ----------------AF-A------------------ Im Tottenham...
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    Cheltenham Town

    Hi, I am currently managing Cheltenham in League 2. Transfers IN - James Shea, Alex Nicholson, Daniel Devine and Lee Desmond Transfer OUT - None Starting XI ----------S.Brown------------ Lowe T.Brown Devine Jombati Vincent Penn(C) Taylor Richards ------------Noble------------...
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    What call outs to use for passing football?

    Hi FM-Base, I love my passing football on FM13 it was easy for me to set up but i am somewhat struggling on this years game. I prefer to play 4-4-1-1 formation. Last 20 minutes of games i push the wingers on for a 4-2-3-1 to force the issue but i think my call outs are costing me dear. I only...
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    Playmaker, Target man & supply?

    Have i just made a massive **** of myself or am i correct in saying you can no longer use playmaker, target man or supply options? For example ... quick strikers need balls to run onto? is this automatic now? im doing so shocking i must have missed something in the tactics :'(
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    Created Team Finances?

    Hi FM-Base, I need an editor master here. Someone to fill in the blanks! I have created a team in the German Third Division (3. Liga) and need help with the setting up of the finances. I should point out i am seeking realism. Here is what i have so far... General Finance Balance ? Transfer...
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    Created German Third Division Team?

    Hi FM-Base, I am creating a team to be put in German Third Division. I want the team to be realistic so no Messi, Ronaldo or Bale however i have only ever managed in the Bundesliga so i do not know who would be realistic Third Division signings. I want a German core to the team however i...
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    Urgent help required!

    Hi Guys, I am Tottenham and i have just asked my board to buy Stephen El Shaarawy for £21m? (Jan 1st Season) I think this is over-priced but my board are already going through with the deal. Is there anyway i can cancel the deal before it goes through? Thanks in advance.
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    Fixed Fixtures?

    Hey, Has anyone else noticed a this bug where all the teams in a league play the fixtures in the same order? Example: I was Leverkusen chasing Bayern in the race for the Bundesliga title and if the fixtures were HSV, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Hannover, My next 4 fixtures would be HSV, Dusseldorf...
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    Dortmund - Season 2

    Hi fellow football managers, I finished my first Bundesliga season with Dortmund in fairly poor fashion from the football i was capable of. 2nd in the league was the high point but Dortmund won it in 2010/11 so 2nd wasnt really a decent performance. I crashed out the German Cup in Round 2 to...
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    My Dortmund Tactic (4-2-3-1 Asymmetric)

    Im currently Dortmund in the German Bundesliga in February 2012. This is not a finished tactic and i need some help on getting it too the next stage. I have been developing this tactic since the start of the season and as ive just scored 13 goals in 3 games in a trio of wins against...
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    A La Liga Tactic Wanted

    Hi FM-Base! I need to know what tactic to use for La Liga side Malaga. I havnt really managed in Spain before so im not sure how to go about it. How many defensive midfielders do i use? Do i use an attacking midfielder? What works out wide wingers or wide men? What formation do i use? What...
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    Good Championship Players in Season 5

    This is abit of a challenge compared to most peoples requests but im in the Championship with Rotherham in my 4th season (February) battling to stay up. Ive found a few players in the Football League that have emerged into good Championship players such as Nigel Hasselbaink and Roland Bergkamp...