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Recent content by tottingham

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    squad registration question

    hey guys, quick question, sorry if it's been covered. for champions league registration, it states a 'minimum of 4 players must by trained by tottenham for 3 years between 15th and 21st birthday' if you loan him out during that time for first team experience, does it still count toward the 3...
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    Problem regarding players swapping positions throughout a game

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I'm having a problem regarding players swapping throughout a game. For instance, I have Lennon (AMR) and Bale (AML) swapping positions and I decide to withdraw Bale and add Huddlestone and move him from AML to DM. Even though I un-tick the swap player...
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    Feeder Club question

    Hey just a quick question, sorry if it's been covered, Is there any way of knowing what role your player will play in the feeder club you're sending him on loan to before you actually loan him and check out his contract? (as cover, back-up, valuable first teamer etc) I know when you offer them...
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    Editing the Australian A-League

    Hey guys, I'm a new to the editor so forgive me if some of these questions are a bit stupid. I'm trying to add a team to the A-League, 'Otago FC', and for some reason when i do so, and go to start a new game, I can't select Australia in a new game, as it's greyed out? I haven't selected a squad...