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    Players attributes going down

    Hi guys, i dont know if its just me, but in 2018 with Chelsea. Each Month im getting the training report whos done bad and so on... And i seem to have alot more of my key players going down in their attributes than before? Am i doing something wrong? - Wrong coaches ? or is just me being...
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    Loan question

    Hi guys, i have a few regens. My question is if i loan my players out - Will they not get the tag "Trained by Chelsea in 3 years from their 17 to their 21 year old birthday?
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    After patch your Wingers/Inside forwards score less goals?

    Am i the only one who have noticed your Wingers doesnt score that much goals anymore? - Last season before the patch Eden Hazard had 25 goals in 50 apperances. After the patch now he has 5 in 20 games. Anyone else noticed your wingers is less scoring after the patch?
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    First team players available to reserve team

    Hi i have miss clicked, that some of my players where allowed to play reserve football, So now alot of my first team players are available to the reserves? - How do you take that off? - cant find the option
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    Need 8+ British players

    Hi to play in the priemer league your squads needs to have 8 people trained in a club in england. How do you get around this in the later years? - Example im in 2017. And im only having 6 on my team atm, and i see this as a big problem because i cant have all my players regristered then. How...
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    Neymar wants sick wages - 2016 Chelsea

    Hi, i got neymar on a wage for 80k / week - Very cheap i know. Thing is he hasnt really been performing for me, and have been on the bench rotating with Mata/Schurlle - Hazard have been complety outshining him on the left wing. So he sits on the spot. Now the little poor boy scored 2 goals in...
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    Young anchorman for Chelsea 2016

    Looking for a Young Anchorman, currently have khedira but i need a Young guy to rotate my squad abit i have tried m'vila but Porto wants more than 60 million pounds, i wont pay that for him Any ideas? Sandro wont come too i'd Like a phsychial monster, but he cant be retarded with the Ball...
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    Central Midfielder for chelsea 2016

    Hi guys Playing chelsea , with a 4-3-3 Formation Currently have Khedira - Anchorman Ramires/Milner (Central midfielder - Support) Wilshere/Oscar (Advanced playmaker - Support) However Millner just got a injury for 8 months............... - And he is 29 so i think he is gone. Wont return...
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    Need a defender for Chelsea 2015

    Need a Quick defender for Chelsea in 2015 i've sold Luiz ... So he needs to play beside Dede, He needs to be Quick because im playing a High D-Line, needs to be good in the stopper role aswell, as im playing the Nike défense Any tips Would be great cheers
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    Cant get my strikers scoring after patch ?

    Anyone Else struggling to get your strikers scoring? Im playing Chelsea and i cant really get my strikers going after patch Playing 4-2-3-1 and i've Got falcao, Torres , D BA playing as poacher all of Them any idea?
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    Striker for Chelsea first season in the Winter window

    ****... Torres is just not performing, I'd also bought D Ba not performing aswell... In my Other i've had Ledowandowski, Cavani , On other saves, wasnt good either ... :( Which striker should i get to perform in the PL? For a chelsea team Currently playing 4-2-3-1 With Hazard - Mata -...
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    How to play Chelsea in FM2013?

    I'm a Chelsea fan, And i want to make a save with Chelsea, However this year we clearly have the Players for a 4-2-3-1 I'm not a very huge fan of that Formation tbh, i think it leaves to many gabs and things, and i have never been succesfully playing it tbh... I like a 4-3-3 Very much, With...
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    Best record you've ever had in conceding goals?

    Wasup guys, Wondering how you guys are doing in defense after the new patch :) My best so far is 21... So very solid i guess, but i also score alot of goals. What is your best season so far? conceding wise. Also how do you set up your defense in case :) MERRY CHRISTMAS
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    How do your set your Defensive roles and line?

    Hello fellas, I'm playing Chelsea 4-2-3-1 Scoring alot of goals, but also conceding alot of goals. Currently playing with a Ball winning midfielder on the midfield and a DLP My back line is Alaba - Wing back Att Luiz - Limited defender - Defend Cheillini Ball playing defender - Defend...
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    Overloaded with decent Offensive midfielders

    Hi I'm currently Chelsea in Second season. Im playing 4-2-3-1 Currently i have as Advanced Playmaker - Oscar / Mata / Isco to swap with. Very nice already However i got the message today, that Mesut Ozil wanted to leave real. I just couldnt stop myself, i mean look at those beastly stats...