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    Installing FM13 dll error

    Hi guys, I recently purchased FM13 and have tried to install it on my admittedly very poor and slow computer. I have successfully installed FM09, 10 and 11 on this PC, yet when I click on install for 13, I get this error. I have attempted downloading 'dll fix programmes' off the internet but...
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    I've got a dilemma...

    Right here's my dilemma... Background info: I started a season as Barrow, and managed to get them promoted from BSP, CCL2, then CCL1, and now I'm in 2017/18 (it took me a wile to get to the Championship) and I'm half way through the season with the Bluebirds in 15th and looking like I'll...
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    Marlon King

    This man is a complete ******, I started a new season with Sheff Wed. And I needed a striker so I decided to sign him for free. He played for about 10 games, scored a few goals. Until around November when he gets sent to jail and is "unavailable for club football until 11/04/2011" So I'm paying...
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    Should I listen to my scouts/coaches?

    I'm Middlesbrough in 2014, and I've found loads of players with ace attributes, but my scouts say their rubbish. And they've found loads of players with **** attributes but they say that they're mint. Should I listen to them or trust my own judgement? Btw, my scouts have 20 judging ability and...
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    If you're on facebook...

    then join this group dedicated to the world's worst footballer
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    Where's the cheapest place to get FM10 from?

    As the title says, which shop/website does FM10 the cheapest? I've got the demo, didn't love it at first. But got used to it abit, found a good season (with Derby btw) And really want the full game. But can't wait till x-mas to get it, that's far too long!! So if anyone knows the best place to...
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    Anyone heard about...?

    ...the guy from SI who got sacked for creating a fake player on the FM10 database? He made this Brazilian, Toninho I think he's called. 200 ability and 200 potential. And he is on the demo (only if you have Brazilian leagues on) They found him out and the guy got sacked. And Toninho's not on the...
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    Fo those of you on facebook

    Marlon King is scum group
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    Right, more trouble with my fm

    Right, here goes I had a problem with my fm with the online keycode thing, so I e-mailed someone from SI and he managed to sort it out for me. So the keycode problem is sorted, but this takes me onto another problem with my fm09. Because the game wouldn't work on steam, I uninstalled it. I...
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    My fm09 won't work

    Please help, whenever I try to load up fm09, it says i have to enter my product code. So I enter it and it says that it's invalid. Anyone know why or what I can do to get my game working? cheers
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    Ultimate FM challenge database

    Thought I'd put this database up, hope you enjoy it.
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    Please help, I have a problem with my db

    I have finished my 2002-03 database, but I am having the common problem of when i load up fm that i can't choose England in the playable leagues. All the Leagues have the right amount of teams in. One mistake I did make is when I first changed the teams to the leagues they were in then, I didn't...
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    2002-03 database finished

    To anyone that's bothered. I have finished the 2002-03 database that I started about a week ago. I have re-created the whole of the Premier League, recreating the whole squads and finances of all 20 teams. I have also changed the English league names to what they were then. Another interesting...
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    2002/03 database

    I'm in the process of making a database of the 2002/03 season. Only started today so it might be a week or so before it's up on here. Would anyone be interested in it, and how far should I go to make it like 2002/03? Just Prem? Prem and La Liga? Prem, La Liga and Championship?
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    How many good players...

    ...have you found from random leagues like the Romanian second division or the Bulgarian conference. If you look hard enough there's some quality youngsters to be found. Sometimes free too. I've found Alexander Floreau (spelling) cracking full back from Romania plus loads of other romanians...