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    Suggested specs for running FM13 with all leagues loaded?

    Getting a custom PC, may as well get something sick to load every league in the world! Anyone with tech knowledge able to throw around some suggestions?
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    Most Clutch Performances in FM12?

    Like the title, make a post of when a player has come up BIG in the BIGGEST moments for your club. Mine for example, is in the 2015 Champions League Final, where my underdog Valencia team took on the heavy favourite Bayern Munich at the Estadio da Luz in Portugal. Decided to watch the game in...
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    World Cup Refereeing

    I have to say for the most part the referees have been horrible, but this guy - who took the Netherlands v Brazil game - is one of the best refs at this tournament, no-nonsense, doesn't take **** from players, lets the game flow as much as he can...
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    New Zealand v Paraguay

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    Vuvuzelas to Premier League??

    Pure speculation, but still lol http://soccernet.espn.go.com/world-cup/story/_/id/796799/ce/uk/?cc=3436&ver=global I'm sure you guys would appreciate hearing this noise all the time!!
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    Jabulani vs Goalkeepers

    England's goalkeeper, Algeria's goalkeeper and Paraguay's goalkeeper have all fallen victim to highlight reel blunders. They all also clearly misjudged a pretty slow ball, and a number of other close calls have happened now. I think the ball is obviously a factor, but just as an opinion, how...
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    New Zealand vs Slovakia

    New Zealand seem to be the ultimate underdogs for this tournament, but it's my home country so I'm going to go out on a limb here and say 1-1 !
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    Audio for FM?

    Does alternative audio exist? Like crowd chants and stuff added in, I remember having something like this in 2008, but can't find anything for 2010? cheers
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    Moving to Spain...but I want to look good!

    This is kind of a kit request / competition, I am dominating in my current Tottenham Hotspur story and I am considering a move to sunny Spain in the next year. Basically the sickest kit is the team I will want to join, favorites for me are Valencia and Real Madrid - I reckon someone could make a...
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    undertheray's 4-2-2-2

    This is a 4-2-2-2 tactic that I have used with great success at Tottenham Hotspur, and the results can been seen in detail by looking at my story (link in my signature). In summary I have won the treble in two consecutive seasons while using this tactic. The following is a look at the basic...
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    The third penalty in a shootout

    Has anyone noticed that the third penalty in a shootout is stopped a disproportionate amount of times compared to other penalties? It always seems that the crucial penalty - regardless of previous penalties - is the third one, and even though I put my best taker there, he manages to miss or be...
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    Best production from a player

    Back when I played FM08 I got this in a season's work from Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United. Has anyone seen or done better?
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    Can you beat me...?

    This is a competition thread, where the basic idea is that a reigning "champion" posts their current first team squad on their current save, and then a "challenger" posts their own first team squad from their current save. The next five posts are "vote posts" with the post containing the name...
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    Problems settling in...

    I purchased this regen from Zaragoza in 2014 with Tottenham for £35.5m. Unfortunately, he had some troubles getting settled in, so for the month of October I allowed him a leave of absence to return home for a while. While away he had the nerve to complain about a lack of football - when he...
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    Back to Spurs - Under New Zealand Management

    Under New Zealand Management Playing at White Hart Lane Hello and welcome to my Tottenham Hotspur story for Football Manager 2010! I will post in-depth updates once a month, and would love to have feedback on my tactics, suggestions for future transfers and criticism of my...