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Recent content by vroom

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    Scott McKenna from Aberdeen
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    Half Back

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone noticed that HB always have low game/performance ratings unless he scores or assists. Even if the team won comfortably with everyone +7.0 ratings, HB will probably have below 7.0 rating. Could someone shed a light on this? Thanks
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    Tutoring Error

    Does anyone face problem of youth player being tutored but it doesn't show on his profile? And no icon beside his name? I have a player, Marin, being tutored by Baines, but after 2 months I check the conversation history, they have no bust-up but the young player is not being tutored. Baines'...
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    Unlucky - Woodwork

    What's the most number of times your team hit the woodworks. I hit 7 in a game. Pretty unrealistic in my opinion.
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    What type of crossing is the best for wingers? Near post? far post? I played around with this but I found that it's pretty much the same. Not really any differences in the game engine. Comments?
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    Coach declining stats

    Like the title said. I am trying to get 5 stars in all sections in training. I got 5 stars for shot stopping, handling and aerobic. But the coach's stats seem to be declining. Its only 4.5 stars now. Is there anyway to prevent this? Can their stats go up again?
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    Keeper kick-off

    I was trailing Real Madrid 2 - 1 when I saw Casillas kicking off From the center circle. LOL He even made a cross field pass to their winger and my team managed to intercept it. But my player long range effort was wide. What a shame. It would have been a nice goal. Anyone has encounter this...
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    FM Scout Growth Potential

    For those of you who have tried FM Scout, there is a column for the Growth Potential/ Growth Rate Probability. Is this accurate? Will players with high PA and low GP, be a "promising" player but never become the best they can be?
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    Roderick Miranda

    He always seems to reject a call up to the Brazil squad. I have this happens to me in 2 different saves. It's kinda weird because his International Happiness under his personal profile states "Feels he want to wait for a chance with Brazil before committing himself to Portugal" Anyone else has...
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    Decreasing staff attributes

    I have staffs occupying several positions in training. When I signed them they have 4.5 stars. But after half a season, the stars go down to 4. This has happened to me a few times and is really annoying. Spent lost of money to fire them and get new staffs in. Anyone else experience this?