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    Simon Church?

    Anyone had him? Worth buying cheap for league one and championship hopefully following year?
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    Atletico Madrid 3rd season

    I have about £60million and 500k wages budget I need a striker capable of playing as a lone front man I was thinking lukaku? I need a box to box midfielder Thinking asamoah or goretzka Possibly a quality left back? Any ideas or past experiences with these or any players greatly appreciated...
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    Feeling tactically subdued

    Feeling unable to produce an attacking high pressing tactic due to a lack of features possibly. I'd like to see tactical features such as: Some sort of feature where you mark zones for pressing, different tempos, etc Ability to play triangle rotations between players which a huge number of clubs do
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    Ruben Belima and Maxim Choupo-Moting

    Anyone had either of these two guys? How did they perform etc? Good enough for Atletico second seasons on frees?
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    Challenge idea? help!

    I've looked through several pages for a new challenge to do after a 9 year save with sheff utd and a 5 year save with Barcelona to get a full academy team but can't find a good one? Anybody got any good ideas? Preferences: Young players, league where I know most players (quite large knowledge...
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    Revenue from champions league

    Anyone post a screenshot of finances showing earnings from champions league in terms of TV revenue gate receipts so I can plan for next season
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    player search query

    On player search I don't seem to have every player on it when searching. I'm sure it used to but on 14 I don't seem to. Is there a way to get everyone on it or is it down to scouting network?
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    Quick enquiry (schoolish)

    I am doing my epq at sixth form and I am investigating footballers wages vs infantry wages. I thought possibly FM could be a useful tool for investigating players wages as they aren't generally fully released. So I was wondering how accurate people thought it was. Also, if anybody is on...
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    Ante Vukusic, etc

    Has anyone used him, and could recommend whether to sign him or not on a free in third season. If not him, any other players with wages 20-30k max with 5mill max fee in third season, maybe exceptions :P
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    Idea for someone

    If I had the time I would do this myself, I think many people would be interested in seeing a Sheffield united story. Focusing on youth and attacking football. If you want any ideas message me as I say I would do it myself if I had time Thanks
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    tactics display

    when you go on the tactics page for your team, it is in selection info display, it is in an order of selection first, but the rest are in position order. I changed it to fitness whilst still in this order but i accidentally clicked fitness to sort it in that order. Now when i click on selection...
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    deleting all local content on steam when installing fm14

    will this delete my beta save or is this protected?
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    fm 14 demo release date

    Anyone know???????????????????????????????
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    Favourite chants

    for me it has to be the greasy chip butty at sheff utd being a blade but i have to say youll neer walk alone on the kop at anfield just seems so special great atmosphere nd i just cant get enough is a great tune, only sung at rugby league sheffield eagles-who have been robbed of their ground by...
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    Football chant

    i cant for the life for me remember the lyrics of this football chant or who sings it nd it is really bugging me it goes: ole ole ole ole der der der derrr der der der ole ole but the ders are words nd i cant remember them