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    haven't played in a while and I'm kinda stumped

    Been a while since i've played FM. LAst I played was 2013 and much has changed. Finally bought fm15 a few weeks ago and have some time off to play. I'm having a hard time with my tactic. I dominate possession but struggle to create CCC's. I struggle particularly getting penetration around...
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    Dennis Praet-Anderlecht

    Did a search and couldn't find anything Club: Anderlecht D.O.B: 14/05/1994 Nationality: Belgian Position: AMC, CM Strengths: Passing, 1st touch, Workrate, technique Weaknesses: crossing, off the ball, longshots, composure, jumping Suggested Roles: Advanced playmaker, CM...
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    Player tutors 2nd season winter transfer window

    Need to be relatively cheap wages - 20Kpw transfer budget of around 25-mil GK (Alex Smithies) Fullbacks R/L (I have Dodo and Dennis Appiah ) Advanced Forward (Should I bid for Calton Cole West Ham got relegated and are asking 9mil?) (I have Mattia Destro/Nelson Oliviera/Leigh Griffiths)...
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    Japan v Aus Asian Cup final confirmed

    For those that are interested there was at least one quality international game last night and one not so good Aus 6 Uzbekistan 0 Japan 2 - S Korea 2 (japan wins on penalties) First the Japan S korea game was pretty poorly officiated IMO with 2 soft penalties (one for each side) but it was a...
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    ball playing CB willing to go to a low rep team

    I have Majid Bougherra who's doing well but I need another one as a backup or someone I can partner him with in defence. My backup is still Dekel Keinan who's not that great 3rd season with Blackpool budget 5-10mil wages 20-25k pw
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    Buying players issue

    It's not so much an issue but I'm just wondering about a proposed transfer I had with FC gronigen in my Blackpool save for Andreas Granqvist( I needed a cheap BP CB) I put in a bid of 4.8mil and AC Milan did as well for the same amount (no clauses for both bids). My bid was rejected and they...
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    cheap LB with pace (support duty in 451)

    for Blackpool 1st season around 2-3 mil Decent marker primarily but with decent pace (13or so) crossing isn't so important just has to be decent.
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    Boro-4th or 5th season Advanced forward or L inside forward

    i play a 4-5-1. Looking for a youngish Striker i can groom to eventually replace Vagner Love who has 2-3 seasons left in him. europa league winners last season and a good shot for repeating season top 7 finishers for two seasons straight but still only have a National rep still so the usual...
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    LEague Standard/Reputation

    Do these improve by any chance? I'm through to the the Champions league semi final for the 2nd year in a row and the other big teams in my league have done well in Europe as well over the last 2-3 seasons (PSV won the Euro Cup last season, Ajax has gotten knocked out in the semis of the...
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    Ze Eduardo and Felipe Mattioni - Maga (SC)

    A bit late to the party with 2011 coming out but found 2 decent players, and you can have them both for less than 1mil combined. Both are by no means wonderkids but both are young, have decent stats with room to improve into solid contributors for most teams in the premiership, and stars for...
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    wasted potential ability?

    I'm in my 4th season of my St Pauli save and I've picked up a couple of youngsters on frees that are on Raikan's wonderkid shortlist. Now a lot of them haven't had meaningful game time and are all aged 21-22, are they still any chance of reaching anywhere near full potential or should I expect...
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    Deniz Naki - Wijnaldum lite?

    Started a Bundesliga game with St Pauli and I noticed a 19 year old Deniz Naki. Couldn't find a thread on him so I thought I might start up a thread. I looked on the editor and he has a similar PA as Wijnaldum (165 v 171) on my game and has a pretty similar skill set just a little less creative...
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    looking for young defenders-eredivisie

    trying to bolster my FC Utrecht team with Fullbacks and centrebacks. The team is ok but the backline is aging and will be past it in 2 seasons. Limited funds/low reputation team and the league isn't that prestigious so the usual suspects aren't in play. I've managed to sign Torric Okoro Otoo...
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    Tactical help (scoring issues)

    I'm trying to develop a deep 4-2-3-1, I'm pretty happy with it so far but I'm not scoring consistently. I either score in bunches or don't score at all. I usually dominate possession against weaker/equal teams and at home around 70% with the retain possesion shout but even without it, against...
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    FIFA fails fans yet again

    Not seen this posted but it's worth noting http://soccernet.espn.go.com/world-cup/story/_/id/803404/ce/uk/?cc=3436&ver=global FIFA has reacted to the controversy in the game between Argentina and Mexico - by censoring match action shown on giant screens inside stadiums. Nice Sepp, instead...