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    Facepack wont work?

    Hi guys, My facepack wont load on this years FM? Has anyone else had this problem? I'm doing the same as I do every year but it just wont work, Does anyone have a link to one of the Cut out facepacks which you can download all in one file? The ones I'm looking at wont let me unless I pay the...
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    Steven Gerrard - A Managers Story

    And there it was, after 19 brilliant years I'm hanging up my boots. Its been the hardest decision of my life but over the past few months I've just felt it in my body maybe its time to go. I'm not the player I once was. Mentally yes, but physically no. I haven't lost any love for the game...
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    Football Manager Stories. 2015 Compared to 2016.

    Is it just me who thinks that the standard of football manager stories has extremely dropped this season compared to last season? (Not all, I've followed a few good ones so far.) But it just seems that they are not taking off as much anymore, whether thats due to people not enjoying the game as...
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    Steven Gerrard - A Managers Story

    Welcome to - Steven Gerrard: A Managers Story
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    The Luck Of The Draw - An FM Base League

    Forgot to mention up there, there will be a guaranteed 18 "gold players" from the game, and the other 5 will be silver players. Your first 3 will consist of 2 golds and a silver.
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    Brendan Rodgers - The Revival

    Brendan Rodgers - The Revival
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    The Man City Thread

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    Man City

    Has anyone else noticed that Man City always do really badly on this game? Nearly every save I have they finish 7th all the time and go through managers for fun. Anyone else?
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    What has Football Manager done to your life?

    We all love the game, some of us play it regularly (myself) but can get off it. But I wan't to hear about you that actually cannot get off it, I've heard some hilarious stories of what it has done to people, some are quite scary. Has FM ****** up your life?
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    Should there be a place for all of these player careers?

    I was just thinking... These player careers are great, but they are actually beginning to be all over the manager stories section, I for one love the player careers thing and do plan on doing one myself, but with the high volume of them floating around should they be somewhere else? I don't...
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    Help Please - Looking for a thread

    I seen a thread yesterday with someone saying they can do the cut outs of faces to put on FM, I want to post in it but can't find it anywhere now, can someone help me find it! pleaseeeeee
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    Kevin De Bruyne

    What's he like? Always wanted to sign him but I don't play someone just behind the striker, is he effective in centre midfield?
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    Is there an In-game editor?

    Hi everyone, I would just like to know if there is an In Game editor this year? I'm currently writing my manager story which I do every year where I replace the Wrexham squad with 30 players at random. But I can't find the editor? I have the actual editor but the in game one made it much...
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    Football Like You've Never Seen It Before

    "Corrupt Football" Sepp Blatter has today revealed that he will be changing a policy of a football club, and not a well known one. Wrexham F.C have been forced to release all players at the club with a squad of 30 random players replacing the squad. Unfortunately there will be fear for all...
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    Beta to Full game, how?

    I may be being stupid here, but I haven't had much time on my hands... I realised last night I'm still playing on the Beta, how do I download the full game? Also will I be able to carry on my save in the full game? Or will it be wiped? I'm currently doing a manager story and I'm getting a lot...