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Recent content by xxManchesterUnited

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    How do I minimise fm 12 on my mac?

    ( Not Windowed) Help please :D :D :D
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    How to make a comeback?

    Any tips on scoring late goals & coming back in a match?(6)
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    Second Season Goalkeeper Burnley?

    I have just been promoted with Burnley (2nd season) can anyone suggest a Quality goalkeeper under 5mill? Please ;) (11.3 - lfc marshall update 25th)
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    First shot on target glitch?

    Im playing as Burnley in the championship, I signed Benvegnu on a free transfer.. 10 games in a row he has conceded the first shot on target at him! Surely this is a bug in the match engine? anybody else had this?
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    How to get the best out Paulo Henrique?

    Im in my second season with Sunderland and signed Paulo Henrique, whats the best way 2 play him?(H)
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    Is jesus Navas worth 30million?

    How does jesus Navas perform ?
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    Cheap buy out clause Players

    Cheap buy out clause Players? under 5million premieship standard players <)
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    Tactic 4 Relegation Team in Premiership

    Im burnley and i have played 10 games lost 9 drawn 1. I dont have any wingers so need a narrow tactic any suggestions?:'(
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    Lower Premiership Team, Cheap Players?

    Im starting a new save with Blackpool and need some good cheap squad players under 1million, people like Peter Masilela 300k, bressan 170k. thx
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    Championship Players - Under 1 million

    Im looking for a cb & striker
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    Ball winning or box to box midfielder - Birmingham

    What should i use to go next to my deep playing playmaker? Thanx:D
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    Relegation Team Premieship CB!

    I need a Cb for burnley 2nd season premiership 5mill
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    Promoted To English Premier League

    (Burnley second season) Any player suggestions ? Any postions - 15 mill budget
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    Lower Clubs Premiership Striker

    Any Suggestions on a good striker for lower league team. I have just been promoted with burnley got 8 mill to spend. (H)