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4-1-3-1-1(451) 1st Valencia / 2nd with Aston Villa and Tondela! 21.4.0

Hi again!

Since my last tatic ( 4-4-1-1 with Aston Villa) i made a new tatic, similar to 4-4-1-1 that i made before!
If u didnt see it, RDF Tactics explained that on his youtube channel.

I tried this tactic with Valencia (predic 8), Borussia M (Predict 6), Monaco (predict 6) Villa (predict 10) and Tondela (predict 17)!!
When i tried with Tondela, a super underdog team from Portugal,i made them to finish is 2 place!! With Porto, Benfica and Sporting fighting for the tittle! Then i was champ with Valencia and borussia M (a very good job to) ! With monaco i managed to get 3 place, not bad at all, but the last 5 games was pretty bad and lose the 2nd place.
After that, i needed to try it on my Aston Villa and i managed to get the SECOND PLACE! 1 point behind Liverpool! Once again i made the most clean sheets and best defence.

This tatic is a little bit like a fluid Counter-Attack. I play with 2 wingers ( IW on the left, W on the right), and on of my wing backs plays wider and the other narrower to give space to the wingers and play all the field.
With 2 DLP, a defender and a support, to provide more consistency on the midfield. in front of them plays the AM ( attacking) to provide some help to the PM, and he is the brain of the attacking movement and moves into channels to create more space.

After that you can see some players stats ( Valencia and Tondela ) and you will see Jose Gaya with 31 Assists!! Amazing perfomance like a prime ozil!
All this was perfomed in VACATIONS MODE!!

Try it and tell me something ! Its great to be back and good saves mates
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