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4-4-1-1 2MD / 3rd place with Aston Villa! Version1

Hi guys, my name is MoraisBoss and it's the first time that I'm sharing a tactic performed by me.

Welcome to my 4-4-1-1 Double Dm Tactic, an FM21 style of play focused on
counter attacking quicklu and having a very solid defensive core. This tatic is sucessful
when its come to winning trophies ( i won FA cup 1st year) . This works for elite teams
and underdogs.

i used this tactic with 2 clubs, Liverpool and Aston Villa, and this tactic wordked very
well with them, 5 titles with liverpool, and a FA culp and 3rd place with Aston Villa, in
this case, the tatic overperformed miracles!

You can see more details about this tatics with the various screenshits below if you'd prefer

The tactic is a 4-4-1-1 witch utilises a pair of defensive midfielders, DLP and DM, sitting
ahead of the CB's. I focus on attacking the wings by using a paior of overlapping
athtetic wingbacks who get up and down the pitch, a paior of IW witch they sit narrower, who provide both width
and attacking prowess by cutting inside assisting the attacks. The Advanced Forwards will
score alots of goals.

The first side tested using this tactic was Aston Villa. The team permormed simply amazingly!
Won the FA cup WITHOUT a single goal conceded and finish 3rd (82 pts) on the premier league, with less
goals conceded(22) and the most clean sheets (24). Overall in the league we got 25 wins,
7 draws and 6 loses with a 47 goal difference.

On top of that too it wasn’t just the team performances which were fantastic, but some
individual ones too. Watking had a fantastic season scoring 37 goals, 34 in Premier League,
getting 3assists and an average rating of 7,18 as well. E. Martinez had a fantastic season
to, was the best GK and only conceding 22 goals with 24 clean sheets abd a average rating
of 7,23.
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