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Champ Grasshoppers 433 | Undefetead | 17 conceded goals | 20 clean sheets

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Hi guys, it's been a while since my last tactic here.

What I present to you is a 433 in possession of the ball, few are passing and some clean sheet.

On the left, our left defender play as IWB, play for from the middle of the field, and our right back play as wide with fuction to attack. Ou DM play as HB to play in middle of our centre backs, and our center backs play as wide too, and give some space to our right back. The wingers play an inverse role as our defenders. We play with IWB on the left, so i play with a winger and he will stay wider and give some space. On the right, we play with a IW to sit narrow and give space to our right back overlap .

This is a simple explanation of what the tactic is, where the most different is in the way of playing along the lines. Despite this, I put the team to play in the middle, our left defender will play there and or iw will play in the middle to cause he will sit narrow, we have 4 or 5 men in the midfield, almost always winning numerical superiority, and in the last third look for the depth of the wingers or play between they central backs.

Any doubts talk with me .
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