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FMNation 4231JY 2019-12-02

Hi all this is my 1st ever thread so bare with.....

Started this 4231 tactic with Liverpool. Throughout my 1st season ive tweaked it numerous times to try and perfect it, had good success but not quite where i want it to be. I found it was giving away too many fouls and receiving too many bookings so tried to lower this ratio which did improve on the back end of the season. Also i noticed against the big teams that if they matched my formation then i struggled to break them down but they could me, also a 4141 formation a couple of times flumped me. im now entering pre season of 2nd season and will still try tweak to get it where i want it. See below my screenshots on my ok season and feel free to chuck me any suggestions or screenshots of your progress and hopefully will can build a dominant tactic!!!

Please give it a try and I welcome any feedback, changes you've made to improve it etc....
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