Tactic made to make you wining trophies with any team!
I dont have many picture to show dominance with this tactic,only from the last save with Valencia,where i was playing mr.Vujevic tactic for the first part of the season..)
You will be able to see the results of the last 15 games with this tactic,uploaded, pluged and played until the end of the season without lose any game!
The most important player with this formation is AF(if you have fast striker he will score for fun!)When he struggle there is DLF with his strong phisical atributes and good movement to score a header or make the space for AM to come in and score it)
Tactic is not predictable as i dont play with 2 AF so not having the 2 players doing the same movement all the time like when you play with two of them up front..attacking movement are unpredictable because of DLF causing the opposition defence many problems finding solution too make your attacks quite and easy to anticipate!
As many knows the fact that i dont like Wingers(not easy to find good ones with smaller teams)dont worry because with this tactic you can play wingbacks on those positions and you will still dominate!
They just need to be able to pass the ball and have minimum of the speed to close counter attacks
DLP should not have a trait to go often forward ,and moves into channels!
Have a fun and let me know in the comments if you like it!

no OI
Best Left foot taker takes Right corner
Best Right foot corner taker takes Left corner

General training takes Assistant manager


Football Manager 2021 07.06.2021. 02_31_04.png

Football Manager 2021 07.06.2021. 01_49_55.png

Football Manager 2021 07.06.2021. 01_49_42.png

Football Manager 2021 07.06.2021. 01_50_58.png

Football Manager 2021 07.06.2021. 02_00_57.png

Football Manager 2021 07.06.2021. 01_31_17.png

Football Manager 2021 07.06.2021. 02_30_45.png
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