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Best defensive tactic from FM 21 recreated for FM 23

Can we defend in FM 23?
Just before I decided to stop playing this FM because of frustration of not being able to defend and concede so many goals with underdog in PL i decided to give it a go my last test with legendary Phoenix tactic tweaked by me in FM 21.
Immidiately after few games played I felt to be able to finaly defend proper and I tweaked during the all season with Wolves playing on comprenhansive highlights
I managed to win Carabao Cup and finish the season with 88 points by conceding 30 goals
Results would be even beter if I played with original tactic from the beggining!
I have used also OI and i recomand to use it in every game
Regarding players that you need for this tactic its all like in FM 21,so for those who played with this system knows that CM must be able to drible,score and to be fast,the same as SS
What also is mandatory to have is proper BPD with good tehnical atributes and mental also(dribling,composure,decisions)to be able to drible with the ball and bringing it up through the midfeld
If they dont then your build up from the back will be imposible with many mistakes!
This is not possesion based football,its just effective.
I didnt do holiday test and I dont even care
I know that is working 100% when you play so let me know the result in the comments and enjoy!

Football Manager 2023 17.11.2022. 16_25_53.png

Football Manager 2023 17.11.2022. 16_35_02.png
Football Manager 2023 17.11.2022. 16_35_16.png

Football Manager 2023 17.11.2022. 16_26_16.png

Football Manager 2023 17.11.2022. 16_26_52.png

Football Manager 2023 17.11.2022. 16_32_19.png
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