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Conte based 3-5-2, Conference league with Udinese. FM22

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I started again at FM22, but couldn't decide what team to start with, so I decided to simulate the whole first season without a job.

Udinese ended that first season 16th, and then decided to hire me. I started as a manager in the season 22/23. I was heavily convinced that I had to play a 3-5-2, and designed this tactic, which made us end 7th, earning a Conference League spot. The only signings that I did where Hayden Muller and Pierluigi Gollini.

It's a very versatile tactic, that can win playing possesion football, playing kick & rush or playing geggenpressing direct football. With this tactic the team plays the ball out of defence extremely well. The chance creation remains basically on the wing play.

The key things on this tactic are:

- Quality centre backs.
- Fast and offensive wing backs.
- Strikers that do very well in the air. (Beto got 20 league goals, most of them from headers.)
- The ball winning midfielder allways on the same side as the wide centre-back, to give balance.
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