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FMNation Duke Ryan's 4132 2020-01-09

Here's another tactic from Duke Ryan over at FM Nation

This scored 211/300 during their testing, think it's currently one of, if not the highest over there.


They test this with 4 teams, Liverpool, Man City, Wolves, and Sheff Utd.

League Cup Winner
Champions League Winner

Man City:
Champions League Winner
FA Cup Runner Up
Only fourth in the league though

FA Cup Winner
Europa Semi-Finals

Sheffield United:

Breakdown of the score:
Top Team + Mid Team + Sub Team

200 points total (Man City), 211 points (Liverpool)

The DUKE 4132 changed the roll, changing from 2 Central Americas to 1 Central America and 1 Sumi.

The damage was slightly reduced compared to the DUKE 442 tactic, but it was a good tactic that increased defense.

Manchester City has only two attackers, so it's hard

I also added Liverpool.

Obviously, a tactic of more than 2 tops should work for 3-4 players before the start + candidate.

DUKE 4132 Sheffield scored 82 points and tied for second place with 58 points and 10th. Deuksil is tied for fourth at 24.
DUKE 4411 Sheffield scored 81 points and finished second with 91 points, 20th. Income is 13th with -10.
DUKE 442 V2 Sheffield scored 86 points, tied for third place, 95 points and 20th. Income is 12th with -9.
DUKE 442 V1 Sheffield scored 86 points and finished second with 92 runs and 20th. Income is 11th with -6.

DUKE 4132 Wolves scored 94 points and finished second with 46 runs and seventh. Deungshil is tied for first with 48.
DUKE 4411 Wolves scored 92 points, tied for third with 59 points and tied for 11th. Intake is fourth with 33.
DUKE 442 V2 Wolves scored 89 points and tied second for 51 points, tied for 9th. Independence is second with 38.
DUKE 442 V1 Wolves scored 67 points, tied for third with 56 points and tied for 11th. Income is 11th and 7th.

DUKE 4132 Liverpool scored 95 points and tied for second with 32 runs. Independence is number one with 63.
DUKE 4132 Manchester City scored 90 points and tied for first place with 52 points and 10th. Income is second with 38.
DUKE 4411 Manchester City scored 97 points and finished first in 38 points. The
score is 1st with 59. DUKE 442 V2 Manchester City scored 120 points and tied for second with 36 points. The
score is 84th with DUKE 442 V1 Manchester City scoring 131 points, 1st run and 51 points, sixth. Independence is number one with 80.

I've delegated all the countermeasures to the head coach.

Press as strongly as possible, mark strictly, do not spare tackle

Injuries and cards are a lot of tactics.

Good injury and good card management will yield better results.

It is recommended that you fill up your players to the maximum.

The better the player, the better.

Liverpool Team Scores Advanced, Team Scores Intermediate, Goal Scores Upper Intermediate, Victory Intermediate

Manchester City Team Score High, Team Score Low, Goal Score Intermediate, Victory Intermediate

Wolves Team Scores Higher, Middle or Lower Team Scores, Intermediate Goals, Upper Intermediate Points

Sheffield Team High, Team Low, Middle Goal, Win Intermediate
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