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FMNation Duke Ryan's 442 Second version

Tactic from Duke Ryan over on FM Nation that has performed very well!

**If you want to see a more in-depth review of this tactic, check out @darrensmith360 's article on FM Story about his time with Newcastle using this!**


In their testing it's a bit odd and I don't fully understand it but it got a high score of 184 (which is a combination of them testing it with a top, mid, and sub team. The points are then tallied up by a mixture of different things, such as finishing in the league, trophies, runner up, goals scored, and goals condeded.

While there was no massive overachievement with any of them it was consistent going above what was expected and trophies.

Some points to take into account:
  • Left-side striker scores the most
  • Press hard where you can, with hard tackling and mark tightly.
  • Better the team, better the results (Quite obvious I know)
  • When tested with Man City - they had the most team goals, lowest conceded and top goal scorer.
  • When tested with Wolves - team goals goals were as expected but not the highest but the defence was solid and not many were conceded. (With Wolves, the board overruled the tester and sold Diogo Jota who was the top scorer in Jan so results for them were a bit lower)
  • With Sheffield, they had high scoring and not many goals conceded.
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  1. Been an update to the tactic

    Couple of roles have changed and it's had better results.