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Finally, a consistent tactic - DSCRT5 asymmetric 4-2-3-1

Hello guys,

Like all of you, I've been struggling with finding a good tactic to win football matches. It is now evident that plug&play tactics are on their bow-out phase and it won't be easy creating such tactics anymore. I've played 1 and a half season as Manchester United, my favorite club, and in first season I've won treble, losing Carabao Cup final to Chelsea on penalties. On paper - a very good season, winning Premier League, Europa League and FA Cup, but in my mind, a very underwhelming one. I've lost 2 games in the league the entire season and drew 10, which is appalling to me, so I decided to try and switch it up.
I've tried numerous tactics off this and other sites, and none of them helped, until I managed to find one of my own that works well.

I'm not saying this tactic will be perfect and that you'll get your unbeatable seasons with 60% average possession, but it's the best one I've used so far on FM 23. You will have to do a bit of tinkering in-games, try to play with extended or comprehensive highlights, to try to find holes, if your offensive play isn't working out too well, but these cases have been rare to me. Most players are having good average ratings, but my 4 attacking players are killing it for me. You will be scoring lots of goals, and not conceding much. My next task is to try to get more possession in games while not dropping the rest of the stats, right now over the course of 19 matches, average possession is 54% which is not very good by my tastes, I like to top possession charts normally.
Anyway, enough with the chatter, have some pictures:

Bear in mind, I don't use opposition instructions all the time, I usually do that when I feel threatened by opponents' wide players. I also sometimes switch things up for specific matches, to counter some threats (i.e. pacey opponents who like playing into space, I may drop my defensive line a bit or if I see my press of their defenders isn't very functional and I lead in the game, I drop into mid block). All these things are sometimes necessary, but with this tactic, my extra input throughout the matches has been lower than with other tactics.

Give it a try guys, and let me know if you have any questions, or need any extra help.

Good luck!

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